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Didn’t Get Tickets to Dreamforce in Person? Experience the Magic from Salesforce+

Didn't Get Tickets to Dreamforce in Person? Experience the Magic from Salesforce+

Dreamforce 2022 has been designed to offer a virtual experience that complements the one in-person attendees will enjoy through streaming service Salesforce+.

There’s no question Dreamforce 2022 will be filled with “you had to be there” moments. Fortunately, the definition of “being there” has been radically transformed.

Just as organizations across Canada and around the world have embraced hybrid models that help employees work successfully from anywhere, Dreamforce 2022 has been designed to offer a virtual experience that complements the one in-person attendees will enjoy.

Thanks to Salesforce+, even those who didn’t manage to get full conference passes to Dreamforce in San Francisco can binge on 72 hours of live broadcasting and more than 200 sessions they can watch on demand. In doing so, you’ll be unlocking access to critical insights and learnings to address some of today’s toughest challenges.

Among many Canadian business leaders, for example, the path to growth has become a complex juggling act. There are concerns about changing macroeconomic conditions, such as inflation and an impending recession, that could influence customer demand. Supply chain disruptions haven’t fully been solved yet. And even if employees aren’t officially resigning, they may be among the “quiet quitting” phenomenon where they put in as little effort as possible.

Dreamforce can provide a foundation for developing a strategy to contend with these headwinds. It’s not just a typical technology conference but a place where the greatest minds in business collaborate and share ideas. This includes those leading well-known brands as well as high-profile achievers such as Matthew McConaughey, Jane Goodall, Bono, Al Gore, Jennifer Hudson, and more.

Data from a 2022 survey of past Dreamforce attendees makes a strong business case for registering and participating via Salesforce+. A majority of 87%, said they learned something during keynotes and breakout sessions that helped accelerate business growth. That’s probably because 86% said they walked away from Dreamforce with a plan to solve business challenges by driving innovation. Even more, or 89%, said they discovered efficiencies that saved them time and money.

You can follow in the footsteps of these business leaders by registering for Dreamforce today, and creating an agenda for yourself to maximize the value you get from participating. This includes:

1. Redefine What Success Looks Like In Your Role

Today, everyone in the company is expected to be data-driven and customer centric, at least ideally. The reality is that many traditional roles are still going through a process where automation is replacing manual tasks and processes, creating opportunities to focus on higher-value activities. This is true whether you’re leading a functional area within the business, or are part of a team.

Use Dreamforce as the place you draw a blueprint for taking your role to the next level. This is easy to do based on breakout sessions that hone in on the specifics of working in sales, marketing, service, commerce, IT, development or architecture. Even partners can get professional development to become a bigger part of their ecosystem.

Remember that success in any field requires breaking down silos and working across functions, though. Think about recommending attending Dreamforce via Salesforce+ to collages in other lines of business to drive greater alignment company-wide.

2. Discover Innovation and Insights to Move Entire Industries Forward

Depending on the kind of customers you’re serving or the products and services you’re selling, delivering an outstanding customer experience requires particular expertise. Dreamforce offers programming that includes tactics applicable to any company, as well as those operating within the nuances of a certain vertical market.

Many of the latter sessions are led by practitioner Trailblazers who can speak in a relevant way to their peers. Within the Manufacturing Track, for instance, experts from Sonoco will talk about how they are boosting efficiency with an automated supply chain, onboarding renewables faster with grid computing and future-proofing the company’s revenue stack.

For car makers, meanwhile, there is an increased urgency to build direct-to-consumer businesses while driving customer and partner loyalty at the same time. Dreamforce’s Automotive Track will cover it all with speakers from firms like Volkswagen, which is building on its move to a Digital HQ by rethinking supply chain management.

There is a similar sea change happening within the companies that make and sell the items we shop for as consumers every day. If you’re running stores that need to tap into APIs or extend your brand into Web3 with NFT cloud software, VF Corp. will be on hand to walk you through its journey in the Retail Track. Closer to home, DECIEM will be speaking in the Consumer Packaged Goods about creating extraordinary omni-channel experiences for consumers based on their feedback.

3. Stay Current and Recapture Your Creative Spirit

Bringing your best self to work is a multi-faceted endeavor. You need to be aware of the latest trends that matter to your employer and its customers, but you also have to avoid being so heads-down that you ignore possible sources of inspiration.

Dreamforce 2022 will kick things off for those watching on Salesforce+ with a daily show that provides the latest news from Salesforce and its partners, featuring celebrity hosts and special guests. After hours, though, Dreamforce Tonight provides a virtual connection to the magic that has been the event’s hallmark for the past 20 years. It will be a good reminder that some of our best ideas come to us when we’re having fun.

Best of all, the Dreamforce 2022 experience doesn’t end when the in-person conference wraps up after three days. You can continue to log into Salesforce+ and catch up on any and all of the content you missed that could further your success.

Dreamforce is no longer confined to a single space – just as there’s no limit to what you could do with what you learn if you attend from afar. Register now.

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