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Leading with Values at One of Canada’s Best Workplaces

Leading with Values at One of Canada's Best Workplaces

As Country Manager for Canada, I’m honoured and humbled that Great Place to Work® has recognized Salesforce as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Canada for the third year in a row.

As Country Manager for Canada, I’m honoured and humbled that Great Place to Work® has recognized Salesforce as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Canada for the third year in a row. This recognition is a testament to all of our incredible employees whose daily actions create the culture that makes this company such a great place to work for all. We’re grateful to be recognized, but know our work building a great workplace is never done. At Salesforce, the foundation of our culture and workplace can be found in our values. Since joining, I’ve personally witnessed how we inspire each other and the industry through Trust, Customer Success, Innovation and Equality. Let’s take a quick look at how our culture comes to life through our behaviors and the experiences we deliver that all feel uniquely us – in our products, events, and in the ways that we give back to make the world a better place through our 1-1-1 model.


Transparency is essential to trust. We make continual efforts to breakdown the barriers of communication and create a workplace where all employees feel informed and empowered. At Company Kickoff, we collaborate on our goals for the upcoming year and define the high-level strategies we are going to put in place to achieve them. Executives openly and honestly communicate our vision, and every Salesforce employee has a voice in bringing it to life. By the end of Kickoff, we have a rough draft of the company’s V2MOM, our goal setting and alignment tool.

Customer Success

I’ve experienced many proud moments in my time at Salesforce, making it hard to pinpoint my proudest moment of all. However, it was extremely humbling to see how our teams rallied behind our customers so quickly during the COVID-19 crisis. We launched Salesforce Care rapid response solutions to help companies stay connected to their employees, customers and communities. This is in addition to making Quip Starter available to any business and providing access to Health Cloud for healthcare systems experiencing an influx of COVID-19 requests.


Thinking differently is in our DNA. There is incredible innovation happening in Canada and we continue to encourage and empower the next generation of enterprise cloud startups in the region through our Salesforce Ventures, our company’s global corporate investment group. In 2018, we launched the Canada Trailblazer Fund, a $100 million fund to invest in Canadian startups and fuel cloud innovation and customer success in the region. Salesforce Ventures has supported the Canadian startup community since 2011, investing in innovative Canadian companies such as Vidyard and LeadSift.


We all have a role to play on the path to Equality and we actively encourage our employees to Ask, Listen, Show Up, and Speak Up as allies to one another. Salesforce recognizes that as a company and industry, we have more work to do, but we’re encouraged by the progress we’ve made and are energized for the path ahead. A few areas that underscore the progress we’ve made: monthly, our most senior leaders receive data showing attrition, hiring, and promotions by gender, our employees actively involved in one or more Employee Resource Groups, and our investment in future diverse leaders with our Equality Mentorship program and our partnership with the Executive Leadership Council on an in-house development program focused on underrepresented minorities. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all of our employees in Canada for their incredible work and their commitment to making Salesforce a great place to work for all. If you’re interested in joining Salesforce, please visit our careers page.

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