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How to Use a LinkedIn Company Page to Drive Sales

How to Use a LinkedIn Company Page to Drive Sales

LinkedIn Company Pages serve as a great way to reach the professionals with a polished impression of your company. Set it up with care, then use it to bolster your image and improve sales.

Every second, two new users join LinkedIn. As of October 2016 that’s a total of over 467 million users. While those stats are dwarfed by Facebook’s 1.18 billion daily active users, LinkedIn’s focus on career-minded individuals brings businesses a targeted audience.

LinkedIn is home to 4 million Company Pages. B2B businesses thrive on LinkedIn, but even direct-to-consumer companies may miss opportunities if they don’t treat LinkedIn as an asset to their social media marketing plans.

If your company doesn’t have a Company Page yet, here’s how you can get started quickly and easily.

Building Company Pages

You could just use your Company Page as a general branding tool, but if you want it to really drive sales, you have to bring your A game. Start with your products section, and move on from there.

Products and Services

Think of this section as a small catalog of your offerings. Use professional photos and copy like you would in a real catalog or on your website. Include calls to action (CTA) and purchase links for each item. Keep in mind that LinkedIn pulls the first product from this section and puts it in your sidebar, so make sure your first item is your most important or iconic in order to grab attention.

Reviews and Testimonials

One great feature of LinkedIn is the prominent section for reviews and testimonials. These are automatically connected to authors’ profiles, so potential customers can see exactly who left feedback.

So how do you get more reviews and testimonials? By asking for them: Reach out to your best customers, partners, and vendors. You may be surprised how many of them would be happy to help out a brand they love.

About Us

Don’t be fooled into thinking this section isn’t important just because it’s at the bottom. Many users know to scroll down if it’s what they’re looking for. Make this a quick, energized version of your website’s About Us page. This is also a great place to include SEO keywords to help people find your page.

The end of your About Us section is also the perfect place to use a CTA. If a potential customer isn’t ready to purchase, tell them how to find you, learn more, or interact further with your brand.

Cover Image and Logo

Just like your products need professional images, so does the rest of your profile. Start with high-resolution files, and make sure they are sized to fit. It’s a good idea to add a few words to your hero image, since your full company description will be at the bottom of the page.

Publish Content

LinkedIn has a great platform for publishing your content. Unlike other social media platforms, which simply allow you to plug your newly minted blog post in a fleeting feed of other tweets and posts, LinkedIn gives you the chance to feature every item you’ve published right there on your Page.

Invest in producing valuable content, then make the most of it by using LinkedIn to publish it.

Career Pages

While these pages might not directly help you drive sales, they do build your brand. Professionally minded consumers— LinkedIn’s specialty—may look at how you treat your employees and what you’re telling potential hires to learn more about the kind of business you are. Keep your branding message clear and consistent.

Promote Your LinkedIn Company Page

Okay, so your LinkedIn Company Page is complete and looks awesome. Now what?

Like anything else in business, the idea that if you build it they will come is a pipe dream. You have to tell everyone that you have an awesome LinkedIn page, and make it easy to get there. That’s why you need to put your LinkedIn information everywhere, including:

  • Your website. Use the Follow Us button on your contact page, at the bottom of every page, and perhaps in a sidebar on your website.
  • Other profiles. Encourage followers on other channels to check out your LinkedIn Company Page.
  • In email. Whether it’s a marketing campaign or part of your signature, include a link to your Company Page in every email you send to make it easy for people to follow.
  • Business cards, flyers, ads, and other marketing collateral. While we’re now squarely in the digital world, analog marketing is still alive, well, and effective. Whether you’re at a networking event or using mailers, include the link to your profile on all paper materials as well.

LinkedIn Company Pages serve as a great way to reach the professionals with a polished impression of your company. Set it up with care, then use it to bolster your image and improve sales.

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