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Why You Don’t Want to Miss the Salesforce World Tour Toronto

Why You Don't Want to Miss the Salesforce World Tour Toronto

The Salesforce World Tour is coming to Toronto! Find out why you won't want to miss this exciting event.

Toronto World Tour

Still haven’t registered for the Salesforce World Tour Toronto? Companies of any size will learn how to sell, service, market, and succeed like never before. Taking place at the Beanfield Centre, (formerly the Allstream Centre) in downtown Toronto on Thursday, April 20, this jam-packed day of inspiration, imagination and innovation brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of your peers.

With tailored content specific to your industry, role and company size, inspiring expert speakers and demonstrations of live solutions from the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, you’ll learn how to connect with your customers in a whole new way. And did we mention it’s free to register?

Here’s why joining us for this full day of innovation, networking and learning will be one of the smartest business decisions you’ve ever made:

Sales: become more productive and close deals fast

How do you shape yourself into a master salesperson? Learning from Canada’s top sales leaders might be a good start. At the Salesforce World Tour Toronto, you’ll hear how to provide top-notch customer experiences, foster long-term customer relationships and send your retention and renewal rates through the roof.

Learn the secrets of the most productive salespeople and find out how to do everything smarter and faster. Quickly close deals from anywhere at any time, and cut down on the time you spend on admin.

Marketing: deliver a personalized brand experience

You’ll want to explore all the solutions Salesforce has for marketers – lead scoring and nurturing, building websites and mobile apps, social customer service, and much more. Learn how integrated marketing can help you capitalize on every customer interaction and deliver exceptional brand experiences.

In addition to learning how to develop content that really connects with customers, you’ll have the opportunity to network with the best and brightest marketers.

Service: cater to your connected customers

In an “always on” world, customer service is the differentiator that defines success for almost any business. Today’s mobile and social customers demand frictionless service on multiple channels, and don’t hesitate to turn elsewhere if their needs aren’t being met.

Technology is the key to delivering personalized customer service. And, at the Salesforce World Tour Toronto, you’ll hear from visionary service leaders on how they’re using new technology and mobile apps to increase customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction and increase the productivity of their support teams.

IT: keep pace with a fast-shifting landscape

Canadian IT leaders all face a similar challenge: the acceleration of digital transformation. If you need help keeping up with the ever-evolving IT landscape, our incredible customers can show you how to build apps faster and drive your business forward with Salesforce Platform.

Industry thought leaders, customers, and analysts will give you tips on getting started with Salesforce Platform while explaining how they incorporate it into their enterprise architecture.

2017 is the year to learn and enjoy a new kind of customer success. Register free today for the Salesforce World Tour Toronto and get updates or join the conversation by using the hashtag #SalesforceTour on social media.

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