Use the Lightning Framework to create apps fast at lower cost with clicks, not code. 
Use Lightning Developer Services to quickly spin up apps for any and all use cases, as you easily reuse code across components — without breaking your customizations.
The Lightning Experience makes everyone more productive in every moment with a new and fast user experience.
Give every role and department the apps they need to be more effective, while using IT resources to innovate on new apps, faster.
Customize and brand Salesforce your way with myLightning. Craft an experience that truly belongs to your business. Add colors, themes, and branding elements with simple clicks, and even personalize content and pages for any user.
Selling fast comes naturally on Lightning. Show reps how to manage pipelines and projects in just a few clicks. Lead them to focus on what’s next with Sales Path. Dial up the speed of calls with Lightning Dialer.
Get a quick look at the new features in action. Or explore them on Trailhead.

Lightning was a no-brainer. We saw huge improvements in usability, user experience, and intuitive functionality.”

Spin up apps for anything, fast, with easy-to-reuse code across components. Set new app development speed records, without breaking customizations.
Get a quick look at the new features in action. Or explore them on Trailhead.

We saved 43% in development costs by building things right the first time on Sales Cloud Lightning.”

Get 300+ components and 500+ apps to extend CRM for everyone. Install in minutes. Customize with clicks for your unique business needs.
Get a quick look at the new features in action. Or explore them on Trailhead.

AppExchange apps enable our workforce to manage 1 million customer conversations annually.”

Get AI on your side. Focus on the best leads first with Lead Scoring, uncover the winning sales move with Opportunity Insights, and skip the data entry using Activity Capture.
Get a quick look at the new features in action. Or explore them on Trailhead.
- Discover insights
- Predict outcomes
- Recommend best next steps
- Automate tasks
See what users are saying about taking Salesforce to the next level.

Other groups can’t wait to move to Lightning. They know their experience is going to get so much better.”

Lightning makes everything easier. Everyone should be on Lightning.”

People are off-the-charts excited about Lightning: the look and feel and how it functions. It saves reps hours.”

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Today, you need all the best tools to help you work faster, smarter, and the way you want. In this e-book, learn how Lightning helps you deliver the best experience on the worlds #1 CRM.
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Yes, Salesforce will continue to support Classic, but the list of only-in-Lightning features grows longer with every release. Sales Path, Assistant, Kanban, and Einstein Lead Scoring are just the start. See the full Lightning Roadmap PDF.
No, it’s just a better way to use Salesforce. To more quickly gain all the productivity benefits, plan your move to Lightning. Visit the Lightning resources page now.
The Lightning Experience is a more productive, modern way for everyone to work. The Lightning Framework is an environment that radically speeds up how you customize Salesforce and build new apps. Learn more on the admin page.
Yes, there is, full of admins and devs. You can meet experts, ask questions, and get answers from an entire community of people ready to help. Visit the Salesforce Success Community, now.