Salesforce means we're all on the same page, we're all working toward that common company goal.”


G Adventures explores new customer experiences with Salesforce.

G Adventures is the sort of organization that truly gets what it means to be a Customer Company. As the world’s leading adventure travel company, creating unforgettable, life-changing experiences is what they do. G Adventures sells small group trips, safaris and expeditions to the world’s most amazing places, tapping into their travellers’ passion for adventure and need to explore. Travel is a tricky business to do right. Balancing the thrill of adventure with the need to travel responsibly and contribute something valuable to the destination isn’t easy. Tourism takes a lot out of the places it touches, often without giving much back; typically, less than 5 per cent of money spent on travel stays within the destination country. G Adventures doesn’t do it that way. They use local transport, lodging and guides whenever possible to keep that revenue where it belongs. And one of the surest ways to accomplish that is by employing local guides. G Adventures doesn’t have tour guides. They have Chief Experience Officers (CEOs). Twelve hundred of them, in fact. CEOs live all over the world, and keeping them connected to the company’s vibrant internal culture is fundamental to the strength of the business and the quality of the trips they lead. So, how do you grow a transformative travel company in a time when the travel industry is getting smaller? How do you ensure that precious company culture not only survives, but thrives? How do you treat travellers to the time of their lives and make sure their interactions with you are just as positive? Simple: Salesforce.


Salesforce helps us be a customer company, delivering on our brand promise across the globe!”


Salesforce allows G Adventures to present the kind of high-touch attention that travellers need by offering amazing 24/7 customer service. Salesforce provides G Adventures with a holistic view of its travellers, across their 3 global call center operations. A traveller isn’t a consumer; they’re a potential lifetime partner and a powerful advocate. Every employee—from call-centre operators to CEOs in the field—can collaborate on making a client’s interactions with the company consistent and positive from the moment they pick up the phone to the second they return home. Adventure travel is about numbers. Most departures require a minimum number of booked passengers to be profitable. When G Adventures launched its groundbreaking 100% Guaranteed Departures initiative in 2012, most in the industry thought they were crazy. (In truth, they probably were.) Salesforce was integrated into reservations, increasing visibility into yield management and its advanced sales forecasting tools were essential in making 100% Guaranteed Departures a reality. Sometimes, though, a trip just isn’t meant to be. G Adventures pioneered the concept of Lifetime Deposits, which allow travellers to reuse their initial deposit whenever they’d like if they can’t make their original trip, or even pass it along to a friend. Integrated into back-office applications, Salesforce Service Cloud helps G Adventures provide top-notch, industry-leading customer service—pretty handy when you’re in the life-changing business. G Adventures is a customer-centric organization. Through disruptive innovation, they’ve managed to grow in a hotly-contested market while the competition has shrunk. They’ve re-defined not only what travel can mean, but how people experience it.


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