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How to Find the Best Data Mapping Software

Cloud-based analytics programs are quickly becoming the new standard in business, due to their fast and easy deployment processes, ease of usability, built-in data visualization capabilities, and more. In fact, Gartner reports that in 2016, 24% of net-new BA deployments will be in the form of subscriptions to cloud analytics platforms or application services.

Among the other benefits offered by cloud-based analytics programs, one of the most valuable advantages of adopting a cloud-analytics solution lies with the ability to perform effective data mapping.

What is Data Mapping?

Data mapping is a process used in data warehousing in which separate data models are connected to each other using a predefined set of methods to characterize the data in a specific definition. Data mapping utilizes information in a variety of values and formats. The standards used can vary, based on the domain values associated with certain data models.

Data mapping is beneficial for businesses organizations, in that it makes it possible to digest and comprehend large amounts of information quickly. This allows the organization to track customer trends in real time, adjusting focus and processes accordingly.

Additionally, data mapping makes it possible for companies to identify root causes, both for positive and negative effects, identifying connections between operating conditions and business performance. Taken all together, these capabilities even empower organizations to predict future trends and outcomes, and to prepare accordingly. However, in order for businesses to effectively use data mapping, they need a reliable data mapping software.

Data mapping is also referred to as either advanced or predictive analytics and the industry is booming.

What Makes a Good Data Mapping Software?

Data mapping is a complex idea, and can be carried out in a variety of ways. As such, there are many different software providers who offer data mapping software. However, these various solutions do not all provide the same services. When comparing different types of data mapping software programs, there are certain key factors that should be considered:

  • An effective data-mapping program should offer advanced data visualization capabilities. This allows users to easily interpret data at a glance.
  • An effective data-mapping program should be fully customizable. This allows users to adapt the software to better fit the particulars of their own businesses, and simplifies the scaling process.
  • An effective data-mapping program should feature advanced built-in analytics capabilities. This allows users to make better-informed decisions based upon available data.
  • An effective data-mapping-program should be cloud-based. This allows users the ability to connect with their data mapping software at any time, and from any internet enabled device. The software should also be mobile-compatible.
  • An effective data-mapping program should be easy to use, and not require any heavy training in order to operate. This improves adoption rates, and saves on costs associated with implementation.
  • An effective data-mapping program should be completely compatible with a large number of databases. This ensures that users are able to easily retrieve and map their data, no matter where that data may be stored.
  • An effective database-mapping program should generate thorough, yet easy-to-follow, reports. These reports should be available at any time, and include the up-to-the-minute information.

The Right Data-Mapping Solutions for Your Business

The key to choosing the correct data-mapping solution is research. Software providers that offer free trail periods make it easier to understand exactly what kind of value is being brought to the table, while those that offer no trial period carry with them a certain risk. Online reviews may be useful in determining which programs to further investigate, but business leaders should remember that not every solution is a perfect fit for every user, and some negative reviews may be a result of incompatibility between the users and the software for mapping data. That having been said, the best data mapping software should be customizable and adaptable enough to provide value to businesses of all kinds.

Choosing the correct data mapping software is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. By knowing what key features are needed, and which providers offer those features at a competitive price, decision makers should be able to quickly identify and adopt the data-mapping solution that works best for their business.