Salesforce helped redefine the sales space with our CRM in the cloud product in the 1990s, cementing us as an early industry leader in the cloud. We’ve been fortunate to remain at the top of the list of best CRM providers — and from that experience, leadership and innovation, we do have a lot of say about CRM.

The CRM Hub by Salesforce collects the unique content mix we’ve created over the last twenty years that will help anyone become a better sales professional.

The CRM Hub is here to share valuable insights, customization tips and best practices so you can work your CRM at it’s highest efficiency, output and ROI as quickly as possible. Learn from the collected knowledge we’ve gleaned from millions upon millions of installations and instances of Salesforce CRM around the world and across every industry.

We have something for every CRM user — for beginners, start out with what is CRM. If you’re an intermediate user, get into personalizing your CRM so that it best fits your company’s industry-specific needs.