The Service Hub by Salesforce

Customer service has evolved with all the innovation in technology we’ve experienced over the last two decades. It’s unrecognizable.

The days of dealing solely with onsite customer service desks, submitting support tickets or limited to contacting a call center are over. Customer service is instantaneous, social, mobile, virtual and these shifts in communication aren’t just one-sided advantages for customers. If implemented and executed correctly, new technologies such as live chat, knowledge bases, FAQ sections, text messaging and self-service portals provide significant benefits on the business side, too.

The Service Hub’s content skews toward in-depth articles and media about service+technology. It’s not just a resource center or blog, but a portfolio of specialized and unique content focused on the biggest ideas affecting service, support trends and best practices; all with an eye of how technology will impact the future of customer service.

However, no matter what technology is introduced, the importance of the customer experience hasn’t changed; genuinely engaging with the customer is still crucial. That personal connection has helped strengthen relationships, build trust and loyalty between the customer and the business.

The modern recipe for providing the best customer service involves two ingredients that both equally allow you to better connect with your customer: technology and empathy.

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