I am proud to share that we have been listed as the #2 Best Workplace in the Netherlands by Great Place to Work. This is our fourth consecutive year on this list, which is based on the largest employee survey in the world and executed in more than 50 countries worldwide! 

So, we couldn’t be more honoured to be listed among so many other exceptional companies. Creating great workplace culture has been our non-stop focus. Our culture is intentional. We write down how it’s defined, we live and breathe it, we prioritise it, we build our programs around it, and we are constantly innovating on it. 

Our culture has been our North Star, guiding us through a global pandemic as we dramatically changed the way we work. We shifted towards a Success-from-Anywhere workplace and helped our clients do the same. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we achieved last year and to share our plans for the future of our workplace. 


Supporting our Employees

When COVID-19 turned into a global health crisis, we focused on three principles to settle into a new normal. First, we made sure that all employees were able to prioritise their own wellbeing and health. Secondly, we wanted to enable all employees to take care of their families and loved ones. And finally, we focused on helping customers navigate the pandemic. 

We were very deliberate about this approach and created the space for our employees to live by these principles. We knew that people were facing different challenges at home. By taking pressure off of work, we wanted to enable everyone to focus on what’s important right now. 

We also sent out regular wellbeing surveys to encourage employees to pause, reflect, and share the challenges they are facing and the support they need. The results of those surveys have led to enhanced flexible working programs and benefits, as well as to wellbeing programs, networking, and sports activities to increase social engagement.


Reimagining the Future of Work

The past year has led to fundamental changes to the way we interact with each other, the way we work, and how we live our culture. A workplace is no longer limited to an office or a 9-to-5 workday. Instead, we want to set our employees up for success from anywhere! 

Let's all embrace this opportunity to create an even better workplace for all to unlock new growth opportunities. We can broaden our search for talent beyond our office locations. We can create more flexible schedules to remove obstacles that might make it more challenging to be in the office regularly — from picking up kids to caring for family members who need it.

As we start opening our offices around the world — with health and safety top of mind — we will redesign our workspaces over time as community hubs to accommodate a more hybrid work style, to create more collaboration, and to foster the human connection that can’t be replicated remotely. I am looking forward to building and to experiencing the future of work. 

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