Greek businesses have a lot to feel optimistic about in 2022. According to Reuters, Greece's economy is projected to grow 5% after expanding by a little over 7% in 2021. 

So, what better time to bring the region’s brightest business brains together for a day of ideas, innovation, and fun? 

What? Salesforce Live: Athens

When? Thursday 19 May, 2022

Where? The InterContinental Hotel, Athens


Salesforce Live Athens

Join us for inspiring content, practical demos, and actionable tips that'll help you on your digital transformation journey.

You’ll hear inspiring Trailblazers talk about their journeys, and get exclusive access to Salesforce experts sharing the latest best practices. 

Plus, you’ll have all the practical demos and actionable tips you need to aid and accelerate your growth.

But it’s not just the buzz of being back at a live event that should have you clicking that book now button. Read on for five reasons why Salesforce Live: Athens should be a must-attend event this May.


1. Learn from top Trailblazers in Greece

Connect with our top Trailblazers, who’ll share the details of their Salesforce journeys, and how their digital transformations are shaping up. From overcoming challenges to achieving success, you’ll get their best advice and top learnings.


2. Get insights into how the future works

Ready to turn your business into a post-pandemic powerhouse for your customers and your employees? Then nab yourself a front-row seat at our keynote session: How the Future Works.

How the Future Works: 9.50 – 10.40

Now, let’s face it: the world of work has changed a lot. This means it's time for a new playbook on how we communicate, collaborate, and build communities. Salesforce’s Robin Fisher, Senior Area Vice President, Otema Yirenkyi, Area Vice President, and Haris Linardakis, Senior Account Executive, will take you on a journey from the power of doing good – to the power of Customer 360. 

(With a live-action demo of how to use the full Customer 360 Platform for B2B and B2C.)

Create a Digital HQ with Slack: 13.40 – 14.00

join experts from communications supremo, Slack. You’ll find out why it’s more than a messaging tool, and how it’s the foundation for your Digital HQ. (Not sure why you need a Digital HQ? Then you’ll definitely want to join this session.)


3. Focus on growth and get more from your investment

To face up to the challenges of the pandemic, 78% of service decision-makers invested in new service technology. Now those technological foundations can become a springboard for growth. 

But you don’t just need the right tools for the job: you need to know how to get the most out of them too. So, get the low-down on how to get even more value from your Salesforce solutions, with our Customer 360 expert sessions.

Grow Lifelong Customers with Service Cloud: 11.10 – 11.30

Get the inside track on:

  • Meeting high customer expectations around service delivery.

  • Overcoming challenges like siloed data, tough demands on employees, and disparate systems.

  • Using technology to scale empathetic interactions.

Make Every Moment Matter in Your Customer Journey: 11.40 – 12.00 

Creating moments that keep customers coming back has never been more important. See how to use Marketing Cloud to:

  • Humanise every moment of the customer journey to boost loyalty.

  • Connect all your data so you can really get to know your customers.

  • Engage your customers across all channels with relevant messaging.

Accelerate Growth From Anywhere with Sales Cloud: 12.10 – 12.30

Learn how to:

  • Unlock growth potential across every channel.

  • Equip your sales team to drive customer success from anywhere.

  • Sell faster, at a larger scale, and with more automation.


4. Get specific to your industry

Spend the day learning the latest best practice in Marketing, Sales, and Service success – then apply those lessons to your industry.

After all, your sector has specific challenges and goals that others don’t.

So, join industry experts for thought-leadership and insights on using Salesforce for Financial Services organisations and Telcos. You’ll see how to use the Customer 360 platform for your exact needs, and see how others in your industry are using Salesforce to get closer to their customers and speed up digital transformation.

Salesforce for Financial Services: 15.10 – 15.30 

Salesforce for Telcos:15.10 – 15.30


5. Build your digital foundations

Whatever your starting point, getting that 360-degree customer view – and providing truly personalised experiences – is possible. 

But only with the right digital foundation. This means API-led connectivity and data that everyone in your organisation can use.

You’ll learn how to use MuleSoft to turbocharge productivity and launch times for new products and revolutionise connectivity. And how Tableau can democratise your data – letting your teams turn customer success into customer excellence.

How to Create Seamless Digital Experiences, Faster with MuleSoft: 14.10 – 14.30

Empowering Organisations to Find Success with Tableau: 14.40 – 15.00


Learn how the future works with Salesforce in Greece

Your path to success in 2022 starts here – so book your spot now.


Salesforce Live Athens

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