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Drive Efficient, Sustainable Growth with Sales Cloud

Driving Efficient, Sustainable Growth

Read how to increase efficient, sustainable growth using Sales Cloud by Salesforce, with case studies from money management platform Stripe.

Recent times have brought about profound change for all businesses and processes — including sales. Sales teams have had to adapt to new ways of working as unprecedented challenges affect customer demands. As such, the role of a sales professional has transformed. The emphasis is now on connecting with customers more deeply in new and innovative ways.

With this shift, sales teams have become even more integral to business success. They are defining a new era of sales. And with digital technologies like Sales Cloud, they are encouraging efficient, effective, and sustainable business growth.

What is sustainable growth?

Sustainable growth is growth that is repeatable, ethical, and responsible. But sustaining predictable growth is difficult. This is particularly hard during changing circumstances — such as an economic downturn, talent shortages, and hybrid work.

Salesforce asked sales leaders worldwide what they needed to drive sustainable growth. It’s less about having more point solutions, and more about having the right point solutions. So, what do these look like exactly?

A huge 91% said they need intelligent insights to speed up deals. 83% said they wanted an integrated CRM to avoid having to switch between tasks and tools. By uniting intelligence, automation, and insights into a workflow, sales teams can focus on the high-value activity that helps businesses achieve sustainable growth.

Increase growth with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud

It’s more important than ever to build deeper connections with your customers, track business up to the minute, and pivot fast as life continues to evolve.

Sales Cloud has everything sales teams need in one place. It can turn sales reps into trusted advisors.

With millions of daily recommendations, sales reps can spend less time on admin, and more time on customer relationships. Sales teams can know exactly where revenue growth stands. They can have a powerful real-time view of predictable revenue.

With Sales Cloud Unlimited, businesses can now use eight built-in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. These deliver real-time recommendations and embed them into workflows to engage with customers in a whole new way.

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How Stripe promotes efficient growth within its business

During World Tour London, Salesforce spoke to Max Roberts, Regional Leader UK, Middle East & Africa for Stripe.

Stripe is one of the world-leading money management platforms. It started in 2013 and has grown rapidly since then — with 7,500 employees globally. It processed £600 billion of revenue for its customers last year. It now supports 70 of the top 100 marketplaces globally. Thanks to investment, Stripe has also expanded into 50 countries.

Max talked to us about how Stripe is using Sales Cloud to ensure its growth is sustainable. “Many of our users really want to transact and sell their goods and receive payments from all over the world”, he explains. “We’ve had to scale our go-to-market organisation to keep pace and match that, and really, this is where Sales Cloud comes in.”

Salesforce has given Stripe the tools it needs to grow while continuing to offer an excellent user experience. Talking about how it has benefitted his sales team, Max explains: “At Stripe, growing a world-class team is really important — for the people that we want to bring into the business.” With a team of outstanding sellers, Stripe wanted the best tools and solutions that they could continue to evolve as they scaled. “For me,” Max says, “building that out and having the right tools to support the teams is key.”

So, what’s next for Stripe? Max wants to keep building on Stripe’s mission of increasing the GDP of the Internet. And they see an amazing opportunity to do that with Salesforce. He’s also very excited about Stripe’s partnership with Salesforce, supporting each other to stay ahead of the curve. As Max explains, “Customers come to organisations like Salesforce and Stripe because of the way we’re innovating.”

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