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Delvaux brings a luxury omnichannel experience to more customers with Salesforce

In 1908, luxury leather goods company Delvaux filed a patent that shaped the lives of billions of people around the world for years to come. The design? A practical, fashionable, or statement piece we grab every time we leave the house – the handbag. Today, the luxury goods company is thriving, proving that quality and innovation never go out of style.

“Delvaux is known for its uncompromising craftsmanship and outstanding quality,” said Nelson Bastos, the company’s CIO. “To keep up with changes in the market we needed to expand into the digital sphere and give our customers a more omnichannel experience.”

And that’s exactly what Delvaux has achieved. Since deploying Salesforce in 2019, it has also unlocked a 360-degree view of its customer and empowered staff in its boutiques with a custom app. “With global lockdowns shaking up the face of retail, staying connected to customers is more important than ever before,” said Nelson. “With Salesforce we can give them the luxury experience they expect across digital channels.”

The crisis forced us to learn fast and think outside the box. With Salesforce, we can react quickly to any situation and optimise our processes to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.”

Jessica Volpe, Head of Press, Delvaux

Bringing digital ambitions to life

Delvaux was founded in Belgium in 1829, one year before the kingdom declared independence and became the country we know today. It’s the world’s oldest luxury leather goods company, with 42 boutiques across Belgium, Italy, America, China, Japan, and the UK, and a global presence in department stores.

The luxury brand has experienced rapid growth since 2015 and now has more than 250,000 followers on Instagram. When its current CEO, Marco Probst, joined in 2019, he brought with him a strategy to digitalise the company and meet growing customer expectations for omnichannel engagement.

“Probst’s vision was to unlock full visibility of the customer journey and to deliver seamless digital engagement around the clock,” explained Nelson. “That meant recreating our unique and refined boutique experience across all digital channels.”

To help achieve its digital ambitions, Delvaux rolled out Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud along with an integrated custom app for staff in its boutiques. “Our digital transformation was more than a project, we needed a change of mindset to bring our core values to a digital world,” adds Nelson.

Maintaining customer relationships and sales during pandemic

Like many companies, reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Delvaux’s move to digital, and data captured in Salesforce provided real-time insights to help adapt its strategy. As Jessica Volpe, Head of Press at Delvaux, explained: “The crisis forced us to learn fast and think outside the box. With Salesforce, we can react quickly to any situation and optimise our processes to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.”

Delvaux’s boutiques had to temporarily close during local lockdowns and footfall has remained low due to fewer tourists. But thanks to its in-store app, Diamond, staff have been able to continue to nurture customer relationships and sell remotely.

The app is integrated with Sales Cloud to give staff full visibility of past interactions and sales, so they can have more personalised conversations with customers. “With Sales Cloud and our app, we can build and maintain customer loyalty,” said Paul Flacassier, Head of CRM. “We can also monitor staff activity from a central dashboard to make sure we’re always providing an exceptional customer experience.”

Diamond also digitalises daily to do lists for in-store staff, with helpful reminders to perform specific tasks, such as sending personalised thank you and birthday messages, following up with clients, and scheduling appointments, which boosts efficiency.

By combining the power of the app with outstanding customer-centric services from the sales team, Delvaux has improved its repeat purchase rate for local clients and almost doubled the number of leads and customers in Salesforce in just two years.

Bringing greater personalisation to omnichannel engagement

Digital marketing is an important part of Delvaux’s strategy to nurture customer relationships and improve conversion rates. To protect its brand and heritage, it needs to ensure it shares the right content with the right customers.

The team uses Email Studio, a function of Marketing Cloud, to run campaigns and segment leads to personalise the customer journey. “With Marketing Cloud, we can adapt our campaigns based on engagement rates to optimise impact,” explained Jessica. “We’ve had high open- and click-through rates over the past few months thanks to insights captured with Einstein.”

Email campaigns have driven a significant volume of traffic to the company’s website, especially in Europe, and the team is planning to use Mobile Studio to run SMS campaigns in specific countries to replicate this success.

With a growing presence on social media, Delvaux needs to ensure it provides a consistent experience across different sites. It uses Social Studio to monitor engagement and social campaigns across all platforms. Delvaux is also working on plans to run its first ad campaigns through Advertising Studio to target specific segments and identify lookalike audiences to reach more people. “With Salesforce, we can provide a creative and consistent experience across every digital channel,” said Jessica.

The Salesforce platform also streamlines collaboration between departments by giving staff a single source of the truth and unlocking greater transparency. This makes it easier for the Delvaux leadership team to communicate strategic goals and priorities and set its people up for success.
Capturing richer insights to fuel smarter decision-making
Business and customer insights are key to setting these goals and priorities. With Salesforce, Delvaux can capture data at numerous touchpoints to build a richer picture of its customers and their interactions with the brand. “We’re getting more predictive about customer behaviour,” said Paul.

“With richer insights, we can add more value to customers by sending them details of products that complement past purchases or match their browsing history.”

The company’s digital transformation is only just beginning; next on the roadmap is an integration with WeChat to tap into the booming Chinese market. “People are travelling less because of COVID-19, so we need to reach out and meet them on their preferred channel,” Paul revealed. “We plan to target WeChat followers through Marketing Cloud with personalised journeys and content.”

Delvaux also wants to add more features to its Diamond app based on user feedback. For example, it will introduce trigger-based actions for boutique staff based on the customer journey, and integrate the app with Marketing Cloud to capture customers’ browsing history, open and click-through rates. “With Salesforce, we can provide customers with a richer experience by bringing the luxury and personal touch of our boutiques to our digital channels,” concluded Paul.

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