Quickly build AI-powered apps for employees and customers on a complete artificial intelligence platform.


With Einstein AI you can:

  • Build custom predictions and recommendations with clicks
  • Embed predictive insights into any record or in any app
  • Operationalise AI by adding it to every workflow or business process

Machine Learning

Get more predictive about your business and customers.

Machine learning uses past data to predict what will happen in the future with minimal programming.

Einstein Discovery

Boost productivity and discover relevant patterns in all your data, whether it lives in Salesforce or outside. Find simple AI insights and recommendations to tough problems. Then, take action on your findings without ever leaving Salesforce.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Predict business outcomes, such as churn or lifetime value. Create custom AI models on any Salesforce field or object with clicks, not code.

Einstein Next Best Action

Deliver proven recommendations to employees and customers, right in the apps where they work. Define recommendations, create action strategies, build predictive models, display recommendations, and activate automation.

Natural Language Processing

Extract meaning from every piece of text.

Use natural language processing (NLP) to find linguistic patterns you can use to answer questions, respond to requests, and identify conversations about your brand across the web.

Einstein Language

Understand how customers feel, automatically route inquiries, and streamline your workflows. Build natural language processing into your apps to classify the underlying intent and sentiment in a body of text, no matter what the language.

Einstein Bots

Easily build, train, and deploy custom bots on digital channels that are connected to your CRM data. Enhance business processes, empower your employees, and delight your customers.

Computer Vision

Get the full picture of your products and brand.

Computer vision includes visual pattern identification and data processing to track your products and brand, recognise text in images, and more.

Einstein Vision

See the entire conversation about your brand on social media and beyond. Use intelligent image recognition in your apps by training deep learning models to recognise your brand, products, and more.

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