Build and connect Slack apps to unite your teams.

Go fast and innovate with apps that integrate all the workflows, automation, and customer data of the Salesforce Platform right into Slack.


Salesforce for Slack App

Simplify login for your Salesforce Slack apps.

Flow in Slack

Access and update Salesforce records and meeting information.

Apex SDK for Slack

Build Slack apps using the Apex language.
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Salesforce for Slack App

Get your Salesforce for Slack apps talking.

Work flows when your Salesforce apps can communicate and share information in Slack. The Salesforce for Slack App makes that possible.


One login for all your Slack apps.

Make it easy to authenticate and administer your Salesforce for Slack apps with a single login. The app also automatically routes notifications to increase user productivity.

Give the stamp of approval, right from Slack.

Approvers get a notice from the Salesforce for Slack App, and can approve or reject a request from the app’s messages tab. It can also recommend other relevant Salesforce for Slack apps a user may find useful.

Liberate your admins.

The Salesforce for Slack app lets admins easily automate repetitive tasks like channel creation, channel invitations, and notifications, right in Slack. So they have the freedom to tackle more strategic projects.

Flow in Slack

Automate tasks in Slack with clicks, not code.

Flow in Slack helps Salesforce admins bring the power of automated business processes right to Slack.


A few clicks and you’re set.

Using clicks, not code, Salesforce admins can build powerful guided experiences in Slack to collect user input or automate communications.

Create customised workflows.

Now it’s easy to create custom workflows tailored to your business needs, so your teams can update Salesforce data, right where they work in Slack.

Take the guesswork out of communication.

Admins can now automatically send messages and create or archive a channel based on triggers. This ensures important messages are sent and received by the right collaborators.


Build Slack apps using the Salesforce Apex language.

With the Salesforce Apex language, you can build Slack apps that easily talk with Salesforce data.


Know Apex? The rest is easy.

Developers can build Slack apps using the programming language they know — Apex. The Apex SDK automatically generates Slack Block Kit (the user interface framework) and does not require middleware integration to connect Slack apps to Salesforce data.

Get your Salesforce data. Lose the middleware.

Connect Salesforce data and metadata to Slack without having to create cumbersome integrations. This makes it easy to fetch Salesforce records, creating reusable views and routing events between Salesforce and Slack.

Trust and data security is baked in.

Trust is Salesforce’s #1 value. The Apex code adheres to Salesforce data security policies, so teams can confidently build new conversational apps with authorisation and user mappings.

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There’s a whole universe of Slack apps waiting to be discovered.

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