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Now departments and agencies of all sizes can overcome the “digital dilemma” with Salesforce Government Cloud. That’s the gap between where you want to expend resources – on continually innovating and improving processes – and where you’re compelled to – on costly maintenance and propping up legacy IT systems. Empower your team with capabilities that allow you to deliver outcomes that exceed key success criteria in an innovative, open, fast, easy, and trusted manner.


Get a secure platform that features easy point and click development, powerful workflow, three seamless updates annually, and customer-inspired enhancements. Plus compatibility with mobile, social, and AI.


Connect with any internal or external system from any device. Access millions of developers and partners. And get AI built right into the platform with Salesforce Einstein.

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Get set up quickly with no hardware or software to install or code to write. More than 150,000 customers have benefited from our multitenant cloud, agile day-one deployment, and scalability.


Count on a platform that’s secure, transparent, and compliant. We’ve continually earned the industry’s top compliance standards, including in Australia ASD has awarded iRAP Certification to Salesforce for specified cloud services. is the Salesforce community's home for real-time information on system performance and security.

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Digital Service Delivery

Digital Service Delivery is the ability to manage the lifecycle of a digital transaction from an online self-service transaction- such as an application or complaint, or social media interaction, through to the internal assignment, assessment, and reporting of the case. When combined with integration middleware, this pattern also facilitates the Gartner “pace layered” approach where Salesforce is the nimble engagement layer on top of a legacy system of record.

Managing Regulatory Agencies

Regulation is a key responsibility of Government that allows the Public to trust a Service Provider is acting in their best interest and within the confines of the law. Regulators often maintain a registry of eligible providers, membership of which can be a prerequisite for a Service Providers operation. Salesforce has proven expertise in Online Registration, Assessment of Eligibility, Renewal, Audit, Investigation and Action which are key processes in most regulatory agencies. 

Human Services

Human Services involves complex long running (20 years +) case management such as Child Protection, where a case may start with an online report of concern, which then needs to be assigned, assessed and actioned. In Human Service cases it is important to be able to have a holistic view of the client, and their relationships with other people, understand the external service providers who assist with the case and develop plans with the client to help them to lead better lives.


Healthcare software from Salesforce is transforming healthcare by creating stronger relationships between patients, payers and care providers — and between the providers themselves.
Salesforce for healthcare empowers caregivers to view patients as valued customers who have choices on who they trust with their most valuable possession — the health of themselves and their family.
Patient management software from Salesforce is helping the most innovative providers meet the pressing new challenges of today’s healthcare industry, while also seizing new opportunities to up the quality of the care they provide.


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