Mobile is rapidly becoming today’s preferred shopping method, but it's no secret that conversion rates on mobile devices still lag behind web. Now more than ever, brands are feeling the pain of abandoned shopping carts and incomplete purchases as mobile users demand faster, easier, and more integrated experiences. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Here are six proven ways to create user-friendly mobile checkout experiences that will help you get mobile shoppers over the finish line.
Poor checkout processes result in low conversion and high abandonment rates. To best optimize for mobile conversion, create an uninterrupted and user-friendly checkout by reducing clicks and excessive scrolling, and eliminating pain points inherent to a small screen.
Mobile shoppers interact with your site during fleeting micro-moments , so remove distractions to increase chances of conversion. Include only vital forms and fields essential for checkout. Input elements should follow the general guidelines for mobile user interface, such as large and easy-to-read font sizes, touch-friendly elements with no hover states, and high-contrast colors to support readability in difficult outdoor lighting situations.
Mobile wallet solutions such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, or PayPal (Express) offer a significant advantage by requiring far less input and interaction from the user. Add these express payment options directly to the Product Detail Page (PDP) for an even faster one-touch checkout experience.
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Bearing in mind the complexity sometimes inherent in creating an account, especially on a mobile device, you should always offer an option to check out as a guest.
Let shoppers know your site is a secure, safe, and trusted place to process their transaction, beyond security best practices such as HTTPS and password encryption. Include words like “secure” and “encrypted,” or add security icons and logos like Verisign or Symantec on the checkout page to improve conversion rates.
Mobile users hate filling out forms, especially on a small screen, so use autofill and auto detect to prepopulate fields. This includes zip codes and geolocation to detect city and state. To prevent the need to resubmit a form, validate user input in real time by checking the format for emails, passwords, and phone numbers.
These best practices are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bringing more shoppers across the finish line. This easy, interactive path of learning explores the reasearch, insights, and best practices you'll need to convert today's mobile shoppers. 
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