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And with that, we'll hand it over to you Libby, for your day in the Salesforce life...

My Day

07:15: My alarm encourages me to get out of bed although I've been awake with brain whirring for a good 30 mins. Change straight into lycra and head downstairs to a) feed the dog, b) check my two teenage girls are up, eating breakfast and making packed lunches and c) attempt a quick 15 min pilates dvd in the darkened sitting room, first making sure the blinds are still closed to the outside world.  

07:30: Quick check of overnight email on iPhone to make sure there isn't anything immediate to action.  If there are urgent actions that needs my attention, there is every chance I won't get to shower until late morning. Boil the kettle for a large mug of hot water with a slice of lemon which is topped up for the whole morning.  I have a constant large glass of water topped up next to me all day long. 

07:45: Shower and get dressed.  Flexibly working from home, this is always comfortable and casual clothes, make-up free, a real perk for me! I sit at a gym ball at my desk at home to help improve my core and posture due to a long term back problem.  Breakfast is a bowl of cereal eaten at some point over the next hour once I'm online.

08:00: Log onto laptop and open email inboxes for both myself and my boss.  Read everything that has come into both inboxes overnight to get up to date on current activities happening in our worlds.  Check both of our calendars to remind me of the day ahead and to double and triple check that there are no clashes, there are rooms booked for all meetings, that my boss is prepped and ready for any customer meetings. I usually talk to my boss a couple of times every day and rapidly exchanged email is a constant means of communication between us.

09:30: Although no two days are the same, which means my job is brilliantly stimulating and keeps me focused every day, a typical morning in my role might include the following, or a flavour of:

  • Requesting and planning the agenda for a team offsite.
  • Reviewing the Great Place To Work culture audit book proof and liaising with the design agency regarding amends.
  • Scheduling customer and internal meetings for the UKI MD.
  • Planning an employee Town Hall, including the agenda, logistics and communications.
  • Sending emails on behalf of the UKI MD.
  • Listening into team forecast call

13:00: I can't forget the necessary lunchtime walk of my dog Hendricks, which breaks up my day and gets me out into the fresh air in all weathers.  Although I have my phone with me and sometimes check email as I'm walking, it's wonderful down-time and I always feel energised and refreshed when it's done.  Lunch is a hurried meal at my desk; a quick snack of Ryvita, avocado and marmite is a favourite combination!

14:00: I take a call with the Exec Sponsorship Director to discuss new charter for EMEA exec visits and agree roles and responsibilities, followed by a few calls from peers and colleagues with questions, or some coaching/mentoring.

16:00: Planning for a special executive visit from our Japanese SVP - deciding which internal meetings are required, setting up a gdoc for the schedule, emailing his assistant to get dates, travel logistics, and emailing those who have internal meetings to book their timeslots. I also read up on the protocol and customs associated with hosting so that we don’t put a foot wrong when he’s here. 

17:00: I’m currently finalising the End of Quarter events for the UK - we always celebrate our successes at Salesforce - so I’m working with our Workplace Services team to order drinks and pizzas for both our Staines and London offices, plus a couple of surprises for the team, such as mini-manicures and mini-massages. 

18:30: I try to log off from my laptop when my kitchen is finally clear after my girls have prepared their own supper.  Cooking supper is relaxing for both my partner and I and there’s no wine permitted at home midweek - I look forward to my Fizz Fridays!  The evening is usually spent catching up on TV or chatting to my family, doing the washing, or tidying the house.  My iPhone is never very far away from me during the evening. 

22:00: With one final check of email around 22:00, the phone is turned off. I like to be in bed around 22:45 to read a book for a while, which is guaranteed to help me switch off and sleep.

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