We have been highlighting some of the incredible women in technology leaders here at Salesforce in EMEA. But, today we are excited to have a special edition in our Day in the Salesforce Life series, from our very own EMEA Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Guillaume Roques - fresh from yesterday’s Salesforce World Tour Paris!

Over to you Guillaume...

06:00: I wake up and the first thing I do is work out. I have a gym I’ve created at home to do basic lifting and rowing so I can focus on cardio and strength. When I’m on the road (quite often), I have a routine in the hotel - pushups, squats, and handstand pushups. It helps me keep my energy up for the day ahead.

07:00: Breakfast, and then if I’m in Paris, I head to the office or I work from home. If I’m traveling, I’ll head to the office in the city I’m visiting for customer meetings or internal meetings or events. Since today is Salesforce World Tour Paris, I’m doing a bit of both!

07:30: I’m traveling to the event via Taxi G7. I love that our Salesforce customers are here to take me where I need to go! During the ride, I review the day’s news and the brief my PR lead provides for me. I also quickly review the mail I received from the USA during the night as my first priority, as my boss is usually there - but he will be visiting Paris today as part of the event, and I’m looking forward to hearing his viewpoints. 

08:00: I arrive at Porte de Versailles where we are having a breakfast with our keynote customers. I first do a tour of the event setup to review every aspect. Customer experience is my responsibility, so the country marketing lead and I get together to discuss the activities planned for the day, which include a keynote session, several briefings with top French executives, some interviews with the press, and a customer lunch. In between, I tour the campground to get a snapshot of how the event is going. 

10:00: The keynote begins, and as usual, it’s full of great customer stories and top execs from around the world. Our co-founder, Parker Harris, shares the stage with our President and fellow Frenchman, Alex Dayon - I always enjoy hearing them speak. And of course, I have a presentation too, which I’ve practiced quite a lot! It’s a great rush to be on stage and have the honour of representing our customer, Schneider Electric, in their use case of Salesforce. 

12.30: The keynote finishes and it’s time to go to the press room to discuss what our key announcements and stories are. I always enjoy speaking with our French media, they’re really smart and plan well as to what they want to cover. 

14:00: I join the Executive lunch, already in progress, to catch the dessert course and catch up with some of the top executives in France. 

15:30: I have an opportunity to walk around the campground and get a Coke Zero. I’ve only had 6 today and I’m in need of another one. It’s great to see so many partners and customers and especially the huge crowd at the Trailhead zone. 

16:00: But of course, because I run my business from my phone I can take the opportunity of some down time to check through all of my team’s analytics and make sure that I am up to speed on what’s happening in the region. Since so many activities happen near to the same time, it’s critical that I understand where each one is - so that if any action needs to be taken, I can take it right away. I settle down in the lounge to get some mail done and check in. 

17:00: It’s already time for the final keynote and we’ve got a special announcement today and I’m thrilled to be there to see it. It’s taken many hours and a lot of focus from my team, and I couldn’t be prouder of them. I really believe I work with the very best team in marketing in any company in the world.

18:00: I have a 1-1 with my boss, who is very pleased with the event. We discuss a few team-related topics and then I grab an Uber to get home. 

19:00: I’m so thrilled to go home and see my family. I’ve been traveling a ton in June to make sure that our many activities are going to plan - although I run my business from my phone it’s still important to really show up and be there when major events happen. As a special treat we order in sushi and have a dance party in my living room. My family does a great rock band impersonation!

21:00: It’s time to do a bit more catchup - I review the EMEA business with the USA colleagues that have come online, and get ready for another terrific day tomorrow! 

23:00: Netflix and sleep. Goodnight!

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