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Today we caught up with Dee Byrne, Account Executive, to see how a busy salesperson thrives at Salesforce and manages her work/life balance to a tee. Over to you, Dee...

06:45: Wake, grab phone and flick through email for anything pertinent that might have come through during the night - our HQ is based on the West Coast of America so this can often be the case. I'll flag the necessary mails for follow up later (I have a rule - do not respond to an email until coffee has been consumed!). Quick check of my calendar to see my whereabouts for the day and up I get! If I hit snooze, those 5 minutes make the difference between standing and sweating on a packed Tube from Fulham into Liverpool Street or getting a seat and having a relaxed journey. 

07:20: Get on said Tube - get a seat (result!) and start responding to the flagged emails. When that's done I'll read through the Irish Times online (you can take the girl out of Ireland…)

08.20: Purchase a much-needed coffee on the walk into the office. I've managed to wean myself down to one a day and I really relish this one! This early rise also results in a prime seat in the office - we operate a desk hoteling policy to match our super-flexible working arrangements, meaning there's a constant flow of people through the office at Salesforce Tower - which creates an exciting and bubbly atmosphere! Once logged in I'll respond to any tasks that just can't be completed on the phone - generally as a result of my failing eyesight, not the technology available...

09:00: I'll generally kick off my day with a catch-up with my manager who is primarily based in the Dublin office - this can be anything from a formal forecasting call to an informal deal update - depending on the time of the month.

11:00: I work in sales and as a result my days are varied - which I love. Some days will be spent all day on a customer site, some on multiple customers sites, some spent in the office catching up on internal meetings and others spent working from home. This flexibility is extremely important to me and something which Salesforce supports with great technology and an open, trusting culture. 

17:00: On a good day I will leave the office at this time and head to the gym. I've yet to become that person that can manage to squeeze in a workout in the morning. Being in a client-facing role, I can spend a lot of my week dining out - the gym is therefore a necessity! 

18:30: Respond to a few more emails on the journey home. You'll notice there's a lot of emphasis in my day on mobile working. This remote access to not only email but also to our internal use of Salesforce (through the Salesforce1 app) is a real game changer - no more wasted down time spent on trains, in queues etc. which results in a lot more "me" time in the evening. 

19:00: Home for dinner - final email check before getting lost in whatever Netflix's latest "must-see" series is. I relish my evenings at home as since moving to London they have become a pretty rare occurrence (not that I'm complaining!). Salesforce is a very sociable company to work for and being based in the centre of The City, rarely does a week go by without some form of organised or impromptu event taking place.

22:30: I function best on a solid 8 hours so when the opportunity arises, I grab these zzzzz with both hands!

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