Today on the blog we’re exploring how leading brands offer a consistently positive customer experience by harnessing the power of data. In our previous post, we discussed the importance of the customer experience in all facets of retail, from scrolling through a website, to calling customer service, to entering a brick-and-mortar store. We know that customers demand exceptional service in the current “retail renaissance,” but how do we work out exactly what they want – and need?

The solution is to have an organised and consistent data management system. Using data to your advantage will ensure that all members of your company are on board with how best to serve your customers.

You need to know your shoppers. Whether you’re in the boardroom, behind the counter, answering live questions online, or on a service call, customer happiness should be your top priority. And having actionable consumer data gives you a roadmap to get there.

Here are 5 key tips for harnessing the power of data, based on research we conducted in conjunction with Deloitte Digital:


Tip 1: Data must be connected

Forward-thinking companies may adopt many methods of gathering information, with different departments spearheading various initiatives. It’s important to think big. However, all too often there’s no single person or department that truly owns the responsibility for customer experience..

Our suggestion? Simplify. Data should be stored in an easy-to-understand system that multiple departments can access and use.


Tip 2: Your customers are your top priority

Put their experience first. To keep them happy and coming back, you need to have a consistent message and style of customer service. Data management helps you to keep your communications consistent – and keeps shoppers loving your product.


Tip 3: Use what you know

E-commerce sales increased by 18% towards the end of 2017. Your customers visit your website, share items they just purchased on social media, and review products online. This adds up to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day! Are you using each customer’s digital footprint to serve them? Make an action plan for how the retail customer can be engaged and supported.


Tip 4: Get ready for AI

Artificial Intelligence is an excellent way to find out more about your potential customers, but studies show that only about one third of brand leaders are using it. If you decide to invest in AI, you’ll be looking for an excellent return. Having proper data management in place will allow you to use AI to your maximum advantage.


Tip 5: Support your data scientists

Surveyed brands plan to employ nearly 50% more data scientists over the next three years. To best support these in-demand individuals, your data management system should be user-friendly and accessible.

Shopper satisfaction can make or break your brand. Once you have a strong data management system in place that everyone can use and understand, it will be far easier to put your customer service plans into action.


With a little forethought and effort, your data will work for you – and keep customers happy. Check out the research by Salesforce and Deloitte Digital for strategies to achieve this goal. Download the full report today!