Dreamforce is upon us once more, and we’re getting ready to welcome our delegates to San Francisco for over 2,500 inspiration-filled talks and workshops.

As part of our 2018 programme, we’re holding a series of sessions exploring new ways to approach app development, helping business users and IT specialists create richer experiences through smarter processes.

But, obviously, not everyone can be soaking up the early Autumn sunshine in California – some of us need to hold down the fort back home. If that includes you, fear not: you don’t have to miss out on all the excitement (or the excellent keynote sessions) from Dreamforce 2018. Even if you’re somewhere much rainier, you can watch all the action from the comfort of your own desk – no flights required.

Not only is this a great opportunity to learn more about what you can achieve with Salesforce, it’s also a valuable chance to be nosy about how our Trailblazers are building innovative apps, for employees and customers alike.


For the technology-minded among you…

If you’re usually up to your elbows in your business’ infrastructure – literally or figuratively – and you’d rather focus on working and developing in smarter, more innovative ways, Dreamforce 2018 has the keynotes for you.

Make sure you tune in for the coverage of days two and three. We’ll be discussing Mulesoft and Salesforce for Developers, and sharing ideas for how you can say goodbye to your dev backlog, without having to work harder.


Salesforce Integration Keynote: Mulesoft connects every app, data and device

26th September

On day two, Trailblazers from consumer goods giant Unilever join us to showcase how they’re using the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform to take an API-led approach to development for dramatically faster innovation – and you’ll be able to see the platform in action, too.


Salesforce for Developers Keynote: Build the future of apps

27th September

Day three’s keynote is all about the technology. Focusing on the future of app development, we’ll be exploring how we help developers build apps in a smarter, more integrated way. Tune in to learn about what you can do to give your people and your customers engaging, intelligent services that are always improving.


Interested? Watch both sessions on demand through your Dreamforce hub.


For the brains behind the business…

Development is no longer just a playground for – well – developers. Users throughout the organisation can get involved with building apps for your business, even without coding skills (and it’s great for engagement).

So, pay close attention to the bookends of our app development-themed Dreamforce sessions, on days one and four, to learn about how you can empower anyone and everyone to innovate.


Lightning Platform Keynote: Now building apps is everyone’s business

25th September

Day one’s keynote sees Volvo (and others) take to the stage to talk about how they’re using low-code to turn business users into citizen developers with our Lightning Platform. We’ll explore the potential of mobile-first app building with our user-friendly drag-and-drop technology.


Einstein Analytics Keynote: AI + analytics for every business process

28th September

On day four, we’ll be joined by DuPont trailblazers for our Einstein Analytics keynote. Watch us discuss how to use analytics and AI to go beyond basic business apps and processes – and into the realm of intelligent engagement tools and data-driven decisions.


You can catch up on both sessions on your Dreamforce Hub.


Looking for more?

The Dreamforce hub isn’t just the home of our keynote sessions – you can also explore extra content about building innovative apps for engagement, and get a taste of the pre-Dreamforce 2018 excitement.

Visit the hub now to learn more about what’s to come, and don’t forget to bookmark it so you can easily pop back to catch up on the sessions.