This week at Salesforce Tower in London, we welcomed visitors to join us for the Week of Innovation to catch-up on all the latest news and announcements from Dreamforce. In this article you will find some of the top session recordings from Thursday 15th November - the theme of the day was "Building Engaging Customer & Employee Apps". 


Customer Interview wtih Kerry Nuttley, BT


To get the day off to a flying start, Kerry Nuttley, VP Global Sales Transformation at BT joined us on stage to share how BT have been utilising the Salesforce Platfrom to drive sales productivity to new heights. 


How Ticketmaster Drives Employee Efficiency with the Lightning Platform


Have you ever got to the end of a frantic workday and felt like you have nothing to show for it? Has your team grown in size but not in output? It’s likely due to repetitive tasks which could easily be automated. These tasks like – searching for data, data entry, data processing, and analysis – are costing businesses an average of 19 working days per year per employee. In this session, Ticketmaster will share how they created a Marketing Database on the Lightning Platform which has streamlined workflows and increased productivity.


Inside Stories: How Salesforce Builds Employee Apps on the Lightning Platform


Explore the Lightning Platform through the eyes of Salesforce. Learn about the apps Salesforce built to transform the employee experience, make every employee more productive and help us become the #1 World's best Workplace


Modern Architectures - Integrating Salesforce with Other Systems Using MuleSoft


Heroku Connect provides bi-directional data sync of data in Salesforce with Heroku apps. MuleSoft connectors provide integration of data in SaaS apps such as Salesforce with custom applications. In this session you'll learn patterns for integrating customer data in Salesforce with Heroku apps, and which use cases are better suited for Heroku Connect or MuleSoft.


What's Your Core Object? App Dev from Zero to Sixty


Whether you're technical or non-technical, learn a completely new methodology for building custom apps on Salesforce. Join us to learn how to use the Lightning Platform to be more customer-centric with your app development, easily convert spreadsheets and paper forms into mobile apps, integrate third-party data into Salesforce, and create rich and engaging customer experiences. Join us if you are: looking to get more value out of your Salesforce deployment (regardless of coding skills), an org leader and/or admin of your Salesforce implementation, a developer eager to learn new ways to think about app development on Salesforce, or an IT Trailblazer looking for new ways to support your various lines of business.
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