Great news - Einstein Call Coaching for High Velocity Sales is now generally available to use on the Salesforce platform. This is a new innovation we unveiled last year that gives sales managers insights and trends surfaced within conversational data. This is a game changer for sales coaching.

Today, sales managers face a huge challenge - they often have increasing pressures to achieve difficult targets, combined with a stretch on both time and resources meaning it’s simply not possible to monitor, review and train sales staff individually. But when more teams are working remotely with more autonomy, and sales staff are the only company voice many potential and existing customers will hear, we’re sharing five key ways you can improve your sales calls.


1. Monitor trends

It’s crucial to keep abreast of developments - no matter which sector your business is in - so do make sure you and your team keep a good understanding of your customer’s perspective and taste, as it is a key element of business development. You could think about using trend monitoring tools, keeping up to date with industry news and writing a weekly or monthly newsletter for your sales team with the key information they need to digest to better understand and relate to your customers to understand which products and services will interest them most. Using AI is a powerful way to stay ahead of your competition and convert more prospects, as you’ll gain the ability to analyse data from calls in real time to keep your finger on the pulse of developments. 


2. Track your competition

Keeping an eye on trends is just as important as understanding your competitors. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, customers will likely have done their research - and a lot of their objections may be related to your competition, so understanding the pricing, processes and policies of your competition can often be the key to boosting sales enablement for your business. 

Using AI, you can understand and contextualise a wealth of data in seconds - for example, you may be able to know what warranties and customer support they include, the materials they use, and what’s holding them back or giving them the competitive advantage - which will help your sales team understand what they’re up against and help them define your business’ proposition with confidence. Crucially, AI will show you the number of times customers mention certain competitors - and when these mentions start to decline - so you know which competitors are at the forefront of potential leads’ minds before your sales team even picks up the phone. 


3. Speed up your call reviews

For sales leaders, time is money. By using AI solutions, they can sift through calls at speed and scale and automatically pick up and extrapolate relevant keywords. By focusing on the highlights of sales calls and clicking keywords, leaders have saved up to 60% of their time and reduced the number of sales calls managers have to sift through by 40%. This allows them to devote their time to sales productivity by coaching reps on building relationships with customers and closing deals. Using AI means sales processes are more optimised for scalability than old ways of working. 


4. Understand areas for improvement

When sales reps don’t have a thorough understanding of every area of their business, they will sometimes make unrealistic promises to customers about product cost, functionality or finding opportunities to upsell relevant extra features. By tracking these mistakes using AI, you can address problem areas of the business and improve customer trust in your team. Using AI also allows businesses to manage customer expectations and correct errors before contracts are drawn up - which will prevent you from having to absorb the cost of these mistakes, sales team embarrassment and bad customer sentiment which can result in poor customer reviews.


5. Customise your sales training

When you use AI to gain a deeper understanding of your sales process, including common customer objections and feedback, as well as hurdles and missed opportunities, you can tailor your training to specifically address the needs of your customer base. Strong, relevant and effective training of your sales team led by AI insights will likely result in a more confident sales team that understands your product in more depth, which often means more closed sales. Better still, AI can provide deeper context for your training by giving real-world examples of processes in action, which helps improve onboarding and training. 

To find out more how AI can help your sales teams excel, take the Einstein Call Coaching trail or download our free ebook on how to Boost Sales Productivity.