It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of change. Even today, as we navigate our return to “normal”, the way we engage with others, the way we watch sports, and the way we shop looks very different to what it did in 2019. Most importantly, there’s been a fundamental shift in the way we work, with many organisations employing a remote first approach for the last year and a half, and it’s reshaped what the future of work looks like. 

As companies and candidates alike navigate these changes, recruiters are having to adapt how they identify and select candidates – and they need the right tools to do so. 


A Radical Shift in Recruitment

Once the initial shock of the pandemic wore off and businesses searched for new ways to operate in the face of massive disruption, recruitment was one of the first sectors that had to evolve rapidly. Without face-to-face interactions, recruiters had to find alternative ways to foster and sustain their talent pools – while also drastically changing their list of requirements for the “ideal” candidate. 

Now, instead of focusing primarily on technical skills and culture fit, recruiters also have to consider the candidate’s ability to join a new team virtually, often from a different location and time zone. In addition, ways of nurturing, developing, and sustaining talent now looks different – thanks largely to a shift in focus to soft skills, learning, and micro learning. 

The future of work will be built on a suite of digital collaboration tools that enable employees to work and support their peers from any place, at any time – and those same employees need the right skills to build connections at a distance while taking ownership of their own work-life balance. 


Recruiters Need to Break the Mould and Redefine Success

For today’s recruiting firms, it’s less about finding individual candidates to fill a role. Instead, they’re now looking to build long-lasting, trusted relationships with the candidates they work with so that they can continue working with them throughout their career. To get this right, recruiters need to be able to define individual roadmaps for their candidates, with a tailored view of success – and they need comprehensive data for that.

In addition, within fully remote working environments, the processes for motivating, developing, and educating employees have all gone remote. In order to make sure companies are investing in the right tools and initiatives, they need a comprehensive view of their candidates that also allows them to provide personalised experiences. And that also requires data. 


How Salesforce Can Help

Recruiters and the businesses they work with need to transform around their candidates, using the right tools to gain better insights into their evolving needs and responding to them in a personalised way. With Salesforce, recruiters can deepen their understanding of their candidates’ needs, creating a centralized view of their talent pool. Not sure what this looks like? Check out how cloud talent solutions firm Tenth Revolution Group helps IT specialists land their dream career with Salesforce.

By providing data-driven insights, our platform is designed to help recruiting agencies meet their clients where they are, becoming more agile and responsive across the board. 

Looking to equip your recruiters with comprehensive insights into your candidates? Let’s have a conversation.