The demand for digital skills and experienced talent is rapidly increasing. With new technological advancements continuing to disrupt and transform industries, companies need digital talent to build, operate, and manage digital solutions.

But the digital skills gap is more apparent than ever. Many organisations are looking to close this by upskilling candidates for today’s tech world.

Developing and engaging your employees in this work-from-anywhere world is crucial for industries in almost every sector. In this guide, we’ll explore why digital upskilling and employee engagement are critical, the importance of diversity, and the role data plays in the new world.

Why is digital upskilling important?

Many businesses, including our own, are facing recruitment challenges because there is not enough digital talent. 

Having little to no access to experienced talent is one of the major risks to companies’ growth. But there are a number of ways to solve the digital skills gap, including going beyond traditional resourcing methods. To thrive, businesses must look to create new talent by training their employees.

Digital upskilling is crucial for employees looking to expand their careers and for businesses that need talented candidates across their operations.

If you have the right digital development and engagement programmes in place, creating new digital talent at scale is possible.

At a Salesforce Live session, Nabila Salem, President of Revolent Group, a world-leading talent creator, shares with us how the business is digitally upskilling candidates to use Salesforce platforms.

The Revolent business model develops new talent by cross-training experienced technologists into Salesforce professionals, while offering candidates hands-on experience, so they can add value to clients — faster.

Candidates join a two-year programme with Revolent but the journey often continues into a 3rd, 4th, 5th year or more. Through tailored training and personalised continuous development plans, candidates are provided with commercial and practical experience. By the end of the two-year programme, everyone involved will have gained multiple certifications and experience working with world-renowned brands. They have the option to remain with Revolent beyond the programme and progress as more senior consultants, product owners, project managers or trainers. Their opportunities either way become extremely lucrative.

Embracing diversity for employee engagement in digital

The digital skills gap presents an opportunity to build a strong pipeline of talent from underrepresented groups. 

Naturally, having a diverse team leads to creativity, innovation and diversity of thought. That’s why Revolent creates a diverse culture within its business and has seen the rewards. A more diverse ecosystem of digital talent benefits everyone.

Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. An engaged workforce needs to feel they can be themselves, respected, and included in the workplace. A diverse and inclusive business will also help you stand out from your competitors.

Celebrating differences is one of Revolent’s strategic corporate values. This inclusive behaviour is crucial for companies to attract, engage, and retain today’s top talent.

Diversity and inclusion across your workforce are key for employee engagement. And ultimately, it leads to a better employee experience and company growth.

Data and communication is key in a work-from-anywhere digital world 

Data is critical to understand your workforce. It can be used to better communicate with employees and increase engagement.

Companies have been looking for ways to stay in touch with their employees since the pandemic began. Thanks to video conferencing technologies, employees can connect with colleagues anywhere in the world. In many ways, this digital experience has a human touch and is more personal.

At Revolent, data and communication are also used to support employees through initiatives. In particular, the company offers a ‘buddy up’ with the board initiative each month, where employees can book time with board members.

The company further creates engagement through development programmes, including regular one-to-one career coaching, bespoke career development plans to achieve certifications, and access to professional networks. Employees can also apply their knowledge through Revolent tech tasks, which are real-world challenges that allow them to test their skills.

Today, digital employee engagement requires data, insight, and the ability to promote the human touch.

Project Phoenix helps Revolent use data to enhance employee engagement 

Revolent’s parent company, Tenth Revolution Group, launched a fully customised candidate management solution based on the Salesforce platform named Project Phoenix. This was the largest Salesforce implementation in Europe the year it launched.

With 2,000 users onboarded onto the platform, the company gained a 360 degree view of candidates across its global operations.

The solution unlocked data and insights. The entire journey is captured in Phoenix, and the company has access to a single view of every candidate during the recruitment, training and placement phases. By freeing up administrative time, they can focus on the people within the company in order to engage and develop them into future Trailblazers.

How is supporting the candidate journey

In the Salesforce Live session, Callum Johnson, Solution Engineer at Salesforce, demonstrated how companies can embrace the work-from-anywhere world by reimagining their employee experience using

Read on to find out how to engage your employees in a digital world and grow faster than your competitors.


Enhancing employee experience in the digital workplace

Creating a versatile and effective employee experience in the digital workplace is crucial for employee engagement and retention, and company growth.

Empowering your employees with a digital workspace means your workforce can stay engaged and connected from anywhere.

With, employees can update their profiles so colleagues can get to know them better. Single sign-on to launch apps in a single click saves valuable time and promotes a more productive environment. And quick access to self-serve platforms means less time searching and troubleshooting technical issues, and more time to drive business growth.

Companies can also inform their workforce of every important update thanks to the versatile employee workspace in

Connect your workforce digitally

The workspace enables your employees to connect and engage, which is especially important if your workforce is located around the globe.

Connecting IT services with your employees is made possible in the workplace, too, from endpoint asset management to ticket resolutions. IT agents can make data-driven decisions through trends, such as common issues experienced across employees. An IT agent can create troubleshooting material to empower employees to resolve their own issues, without raising a ticket — saving valuable time.

Engaging your workforce is crucial in the new work-from-anywhere world. Using solutions like, your employees can make better data-driven decisions, resolve issues using self-service channels, and feel empowered to stay connected and engaged with their colleagues — digitally.

Watch the full Salesforce Live on-demand session: Engage and Develop Your Employees in a Digital World.