Dublin-based Immedis is the world’s fastest growing global payroll technology company. It’s not just leading the market, it’s shaping it. We spoke to Digital Marketing Director, Conor Ebbs, about how the use of technology to completely align sales and marketing operations is powering not only double-digit growth but a unique working environment.


As a relative newcomer to Immedis, what have been your early impressions of the company and your new colleagues?

First of all, the job really appealed to me having worked in a variety of consultancy roles, I wanted to bring together everything I had learned so far in my career and go in-house and to focus on one company, to help it grow.

When you go through the process of taking a new job with a new employer you hear lots of things about the people and the culture and it’s not until you actually start work that you’re able to assess how things really are.

From my very first day at Immedis, I could see that everyone in the team, in fact everyone across the company, took such delight in their work. There were such high standards on display, fused with a real collaborative spirit, everyone just instinctively wants to help and do their very best for their colleagues and to learn from each other. I just haven’t experienced anything like this before.

I love the work that I do, digital marketing is a such an exciting growth area full of opportunities to try new things and innovate, and it’s great to be excited at the start of the working day.


What’s the glue that holds everything together?

There’s a mutual understanding of the challenges everyone is facing and where we all fit in the business and that’s great for team spirit. There’s full transparency on everything.

From my experience sales and marketing operations are often not that well aligned but at Immedis the collaboration and communication is very strong and authentic – we know that together we’re stronger. From day one my focus was on the alignment between sales and marketing and how we could utilise Sales Cloud and Pardot to optimise our performance and deliver great results.

What’s great is that by really getting under the skin of Salesforce and using its functionality to best effect, when we send a new lead to our sales colleagues, we know it’s a good lead, that’s been tracked and qualified and it’s a real prospect for us.


How has that translated into the great results Immedis is achieving?

The quality of the business intelligence and insight that we can surface enables our colleagues in sales to have the right conversation with the right person, at the right time. To know that someone is really interested in cost reduction, for example, because they’ve downloaded two items on the subject and visited the cost reduction page, that level of detail is like gold dust really. Imagine how helpful that knowledge is to begin a meaningful conversation with a potential customer.

It’s really empowering to share the same information that we have in marketing with our colleagues in sales, because it provides a clarity that everyone can work with and it means that we can all focus on delivering results. We’re all looking at the same, single version of the truth. It becomes very clear what’s working and what’s not and what our next steps should be.

And the information we’re all looking at is live information, no-one has to wait for reports to be circulated at the end of the week, just log into Salesforce, look at engagement dashboards that show what key accounts and contacts are doing. That’s great for collaboration because it encourages dialogue and support back and forth between sales and marketing colleagues.


Immedis is growing fast, how do you maintain that level of growth?

Well, even though we’ve achieved a lot, in many ways it feels like we’ve only just started, we haven’t even put the rockets on yet! There’s lots of Pardot features that we’re starting to roll out, such as split testing of emails and advanced dynamic content to provide a unique, personalised experience.

It’s all about scale, so we need more content on our website, more resources, more campaigns, but it’s actually not daunting, it’s exciting, it’s a huge job but I know that I’m surrounded by talented colleagues, and we’ll all step up to the plate together.

The payroll sector may be regarded as a little conservative by some, mistakenly in my view, but behind the scenes here at Immedis, with Salesforce’s help, I believe we are delivering highly innovative, creative work, using great technology.

Creativity is really about having imagination. We have the freedom to imagine, and I think what we’re doing would be regarded as ground-breaking in any industry, anywhere in the world.


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