Build apps and automate fast for success now

Build apps and automate fast for greater efficiency.

Automate processes, build more intelligent apps, and secure data across your Customer 360.

Boost efficiency, increase productivity, and save on IT costs with Salesforce Platform.


Automate anything without code.

Create dynamic, real-time automations across people, processes, and systems to save money.

Build and operate intelligent apps at scale.

Create, test, and ship employee and customer apps. Get faster time to value with change and release management tools.

Secure and activate your data in real time with Data Cloud.

Connect and harmonise data to increase efficiency within your teams across your Customer 360.

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Level up across your business to succeed now.


Application Development

Build faster and automate across your business with low code.


Empower people, streamline processes, and connect systems with Data Cloud.


Secure your enterprise with Shield and natively built tools.


Scale globally and serve customers locally with security, privacy, and agility.

Einstein Intelligence

Boost growth by using AI to create customer magic through personalised experiences.

Sandboxes: Secure development environments.

Build, test, and deploy changes with confidence.

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It’s all about having the right visibility of the customer. Employees can recognise who is calling and view past cases and interactions in one place, which brings efficiency and personalisation into each interaction."

Irina Zubova
VP, Sales Management & Support Schneider Electric

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Platform Starter

Build custom apps that fuel sales, service, and marketing productivity.
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Platform Plus

Extend Salesforce to every employee, every department, and transform app dev for your entire organisation.
£ 80
(billed annually)

Heroku Enterprise Starter

Engage customers with apps on today's most innovative platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Salesforce Platform?

The Salesforce Platform is a single, secure, and scalable platform which Salesforce applications are built on. It enables Salesforce products to be customised to individual business needs and integrated with other systems through apps from the AppExchange. Salesforce Platform is also an app development solution allowing businesses to build and deploy their own applications.

Benefits of Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform enables businesses to:

  • Develop apps with clicks or code 
  • Get apps in market quickly 
  • Digitise any business process
  • Integrate and connect with anything

What is AppExchange?

AppExchange is Salesforce's business app marketplace that lets users extend their Salesforce functionality with apps and components for every department and industry, including salesmarketing, customer serviceIT, and more. AppExchange offers over 3,000 apps and components.

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