Salesforce for Pharma

Simplify product life cycle management and create more connected experiences.

Improve research and development (R&D), customer engagement, and your use of data analytics with a pharma CRM and other solutions.


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Simplify processes to lower costs and create efficiencies — from R&D to commercialisation.


Bring teams closer to patients and providers.

Create connected pharma journeys across the industry. Work together on common goals to increase efficiencies and boost productivity.

Increase adherence.

Create, scale, and track therapy-specific support programmes with personalised experiences and up-to-the-minute pharma data analytics.

Promote transparency across the value chain.

Surface insights by unifying data across R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, and commercialisation.


Enhance patient services.

Boost productivity and lower costs by bringing your team closer to patients and providers.
Get patients on therapy faster.
Raise trial awareness and create trusted relationships through personalised interactions.

Collaborate to improve outcomes.
Use our trusted and advanced integrations to connect pharma teams, improve productivity and efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Make data-led improvements and create cross-team efficiencies.
Find new opportunities to make improvements with valuable patient and healthcare provider insights and pharma data analytics.
Health Cloud brings together data and teams on a single platform — making personalised engagement and process automation possible.

Marketing Cloud
lets you personalise customer experiences and optimise each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.

Salesforce Platform helps you easily unify disparate systems and data sources with smart event-based interactions and API-led services.

Experience Cloud transforms how quickly you can launch data-powered apps, portals, and sites and deploy these across the customer journey.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform supports your delivery of time-sensitive projects with an efficient single platform for integrations and APIs.

Analytics helps your team make better-informed decisions with easy access to accurate data.


Accelerate clinical trials.

Speed up R&D innovation by connecting pharma trial teams, patients, and clinical data on a single digital platform.
Recruit and keep more patients.
Get the patients you need with powerful recruitment tools and personalised messages that prevent patient attrition.

Unify teams and data for greater transparency and collaboration.
Integrate, manage, and share critical data securely on any device.

Gain a complete view of your trial.
Improve pharma life cycle management by collaborating through every phase of clinical development on a regulation-compliant platform.
Health Cloud makes it easier to connect teams and data, personalise patient engagement, and automate manual processes.

Marketing Cloud helps you optimise every campaign with its data-first solutions for every channel and device.

Experience Cloud lets you speedily launch portals, sites, and apps that improve the customer journey.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform increases efficiencies by integrating data across multiple systems and providing critical insights.

AppExchange extends solutions with comprehensive partners specialised in healthcare and life sciences.

“Our partnership with Salesforce is not just about deploying new technologies; it’s about unlocking new opportunities. It helps us to learn and grow with customers — and the ultimate customer is the patient.”

Derek O’Sullivan

Vice President, Human Resources, Cytiva

“With Salesforce, we can be more responsive in rapidly changing times and improve care outcomes for millions of people.”

Ranjit Gill

IT Director, McKesson UK

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