Salesforce for Healthcare Providers

Deliver connected experiences that put your patients first.

Provide better experiences while reducing healthcare costs through Salesforce's CRM technology.


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Strengthen patient and healthcare provider relationships in cost-efficient ways.


Automate from acquisition to services.

Consolidate data and simplify care processes to achieve cost reduction, boost productivity, and deliver faster care.

Engage patients where they need care most.

Use data-led insights to deliver personalised patient interactions and on-demand services via their preferred channels.

Assess needs and offer tailored interventions.

Evaluate and prioritise patient needs with personalised care plans that proactively use clinical and non-clinical data.


Scale patient access and services.

Improve experiences while fostering personalised service, simplifying triage, and connecting patients and care teams through the channels they want to use. All on one platform.
Personalise interactions with a holistic view.
Connect the care experience to gain a comprehensive view of patients, inform expert responses, and tailor interventions.

Speed up time to care with automated, self-service tools.
Ensure quick patient care with tools that confirm benefits, schedule care, and complete activities.

Improve team collaboration and patient engagement.
Increase productivity and improve care coordination by giving staff useful insights with healthcare provider analytics.
Health Cloud improves outcomes by helping you to connect patient data and teams, automate processes, and personalise engagement on a unified, intelligent platform.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform lets you integrate data from any system to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects — all via a single platform for APIs and integrations.

Tableau Analytics helps your entire team find important answers and start making data-informed decisions.

Salesforce Platform lets you seamlessly integrate disparate systems and data sources with API-led services and event-based interactions.

Experience Cloud lets you quickly launch data-powered sites, portals, and apps and connect these across the customer journey.

Slack brings together all your teams with the apps and data they need in a single, collaborative workspace.


Personalise patient acquisition and outreach.

Nurture patient bases and enhance brand reputation by engaging the target audience through multichannel, data-led campaigns and journeys.
Grow your consumer data environment.
Collect and unify cross-channel, first-party, and other consumer data to acquire and serve more patients.

Promote your brand and generate leads.
Deliver omni-channel campaigns targeting B2B and B2C audiences to speed up acquisition.

Curate effective patient journeys.
Use segmented data to personalise patient journeys on their preferred channels, boost engagement, and measure marketing effectiveness.
Health Cloud helps you simplify processes with automation, personalise every patient engagement, and connect patient data across teams.

Salesforce Platform brings together separate data sources and systems in one, unified place.

Tableau Analytics optimises your decision-making by encouraging your team to find answers in the data.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform supports integration across multiple systems, helping you to succeed with speed on one platform.

Slack provides all your teams with a powerful workspace that makes collaboration easy.

Experience Cloud gives you the tools you need to launch portals, apps, and new sites fast.

“Salesforce enables us to get really smart, bring every stage under tight control, set our own quality standards, and improve our customer care.”

Ronan Ryan

Chief Operating Officer, LetsGetChecked

“Salesforce gives us one platform with all the functionality we need to transform the healthcare sector.”

Eric Redline

Vice President of Omni-Channel Strategy and Implementation, Ashfield Engage

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