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Join Us for Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

Inspiration, connection, fun — three words that describe World Tour Sydney. This year’s event promises to be no different, with sessions covering automation, customer relationships, and more. Big ideas are coming to Sydney — register now to reserve your seat.

10 Ways to Boost Your Business With Salesforce

“What exactly does Salesforce do?” and “How can today’s CRMs boost my business?” These are some of the questions our Salesforce team hears every day. They’re good questions, so we thought we’d tackle them head-on, and look at ten ways Salesforce can give your business a boost.

How to Design and Build Ethical AI

Fewer than half of managers in organisations that are using or planning to start using Artificial intelligence (AI) are very confident that they and their companies understand the ethical risks. Here, Sassoon Grigorian recaps a recent webinar with leaders in ethical AI, Infusing Ethics into AI Policy.

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