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How to Beat the Market During a Downturn

During periods of economic disruption, research shows that, of four common strategic postures, only one is likely to see you significantly outperform your competitors. So what is the right strategy and what can you do to ensure you’re positioned to win? Salesforce’s Shreya Sethi and Ben Chesterman offer insights.

Meet a World Tour Trailblazer: The ROI of Itoc’s Small Business Transformation

With World Tour 2022 coming up fast, there’s no better time to get acquainted with some of the inspiring Trailblazers you can expect to see. And Trailblazers like Itoc — an award-winning AWS Advanced Consulting Partner — prove that your business doesn’t have to be big to get big results. Get a sneak peek of Itoc’s story by hearing what their Head of Sales and Customer Growth, Simone Longden, has to say about the five biggest outcomes of their sales transformation.

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