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3 New Ways You Can Speed Up Sales With a Team Approach

A woman and a man are surrounded by illustrations of tools that speed up sales.
New Sales Cloud and Slack innovations give sales teams a single, complete view of customer data natively within Slack.

See how you can use our latest innovations to connect your sales reps with the right info — all in one digital workspace.

Team selling, where multiple reps work together to close the same deal, is essential in today’s uncertain economic climate. In fact, 81% of sales reps say it helps them close deals. 

There’s just one problem: admin. Reps say that today, more than 70% of their time is spent on administrative tasks and 82% of sales reps say alignment with other sellers is at least somewhat challenging. To overcome this complexity, sellers need to streamline and centralise communication.

So how can sales reps work as a team to close deals? Here are three ways to improve team selling and speed up the sales cycle.

Use innovation to drive success in the sales process

Start with innovations from Sales Cloud, our product suite for Sales leaders, and Slack, your productivity platform, to help your sales team lower costs, increase productivity, work more efficiently, and strengthen customer relationships. 

Backed by a single source of truth for every customer, sales teams can get a complete view of customer data natively within Slack. In doing so, sales teams can connect the right team members, processes, and data to close deals faster.

And we’ve made it easier than ever for your teams to get started, with:

  • Easy access to the data you need when you need it
  • The power of automation to boost team efficiency
  • A seamless connection between Slack and Sales Cloud

Easy access to the data you need when you need it

An intuitive setup experience inside Slack allows for flexible customisation that helps reps get started and helps speed up sales — all without admin help. Sales teams can quickly act on deals with access to relevant Sales Cloud data. They can access this data securely and directly within Slack.

The power of automation to boost team efficiency

Ready-to-use sales templates for common workflows and tasks, native to Slack, quickly boost and scale team performance. These templates help sales teams use best practices rooted in two decades of learnings from our products and customers, embedding them into the channels. They offer blueprints for how to set up successful channels that automatically generate the right structure and content. If you want to onboard new sellers, for instance, this would help you set up a channel that automatically pulls in your new team members and allows them to access the right resources.

A seamless connection between Slack and Sales Cloud

The latest State of Sales report found the top two most useful CRM features for sales reps are automation based, such as automated workflows and automated data entry. These features, along with CRM-based alerts are configurable in Slack and drive sales productivity by keeping everyone updated and moving forward in Slack channels connected to Sales Cloud. Now, account teams can see opportunities and customer details piped into channels dedicated to a specific customer account. Anyone working on the account can view all of the information, streamlining conversations and helping you speed up sales.

For accounting technology company, Xero, Slack has enabled faster and more transparent information sharing across teams, allowing employees to connect and collaborate securely as a global team. When a challenge arises, reps can tap into the collective knowledge and experience of their colleagues. One result of Slack’s integration with Salesforce 360 has been a 20-point increase in customer happiness and a consistently high Net Promoter Score.

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Empowering sales reps to drive a more efficient sales process

The future of selling is connecting the right people with the right information and workflows, all in one digital workspace. That’s what Slack and Sales Cloud do, empowering sales reps to close deals and resolve issues faster, and — most importantly — cultivate thriving, long-term customer relationships. The latest State of Sales report found 90% of high-performing sales reps say their organisations enable them to act as trusted advisors by providing the technology, training and other support they need to succeed.

For Queensland Investment Corporation’s (QIC) real estate team, the combination of automation and a 360-degree view of the customer has transformed how sales reps can do their jobs by offering real-time insight into each stage of the sales process. They can see what’s driving conversion and consequently improve the customer experience at an individual level. The result? QIC increased site occupancy rates by around 3% per year while halving the number of people involved in each booking and blitzed their 5% sales target goal by realising 30% growth in 18 months — without increasing headcount.

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Ultimately, having a single view of the customer will be the key lever for a successful sales team. Being able to glean those easily accessible insights with Slack and Sales Cloud will bolster your reps and empower them to build long-term relationships.  

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