When my co-founder Adam Evans and I started RelateIQ back in 2011, we saw the potential of data to power better relationships and smarter decisions. Large amounts of data is generated from daily business interactions and communications; so if past behaviors could be indicative of future outcomes, why not leverage this data to help people communicate more effectively and drive more productive outcomes?  From the kitchen table, our small team of entrepreneurs set out to reimagine and develop technology for how it should work for people–more automated, more intelligent, more collaborative, and more intuitive– and we started building the world’s first Relationship Intelligence technology to power how professionals will manage their relationships.

It’s been an incredible journey since RelateIQ joined Salesforce just over a year ago; we’ve been building, shipping and growing in hyperdrive, and today with our rebrand, we’re excited to take on the family name to launch the future of CRM for small business and intelligence apps for every salesperson, as SalesforceIQ.

As the #1 CRM in market, Salesforce is committed to providing customers of all sizes with CRM solutions to help them sell smarter and faster. As SalesforceIQ, we are supporting small and medium business customers with SalesforceIQ for Small Business. It is the intelligent, out-of-the-box CRM solution that easily sets up in minutes, so SMBs can get back to growing their business. SalesforceIQ for Small Business is powered by Relationship Intelligence technology to help small teams to prioritize and gain deeper insights into their customers, so they can sell smarter and grow their business faster.

We’re also excited to launch a second product, SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud, which brings the power of Relationship Intelligence to your inbox. These apps – available on iOS, Android, and Chrome desktop – seamlessly connect Sales Cloud and email to help salespeople sell smarter from anywhere. Features like predictive notifications and email tracking surface promising opportunities to the top of the inbox. And time-saving productivity tools for email and calendar keep deals moving forward, even while salespeople are on the go. Currently in beta, SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud apps are available for everyone to download today.


Just as Salesforce led the industry towards cloud computing, we’re now building the next generation of intelligent software to transform the way people deepen their relationships through data-driven insights. This is an incredibly exciting time to work in the fields of data science and machine learning, and the potential for new applications and data products is unlimited. Our team has been at the forefront of these innovations, enabling sales professionals to work smarter; and we will continue to deliver products that people love.

Try our products today to sell smarter: if you’re a small business, sign up for a free trial; if you’re a Sales Cloud user, download our apps.

Be sure to attend our SalesforceIQ Keynote, tomorrow at 12:30pm - 1:30pm in Moscone West and see how our customers are succeeding with SalesforceIQ today!

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