As we've has grown exponentially over the years, the ecosystem we've created has become larger than Salesforce itself. IDC predicts that by 2025, there will be 4.2 million jobs and a worldwide economic impact of $1.2 trillion of new revenue in the Salesforce global economy.

Through this growth within the ecosystem, new careers have become possible. There are now business analysts, implementation consultants, developers, marketers, and Admins who have built their career on our platform — and have been successful in the process.

While these positions have made people from all walks of life successful, these careers are still relatively new within the traditional job market. And can sometimes be hard to explain to those outside of the space.

Looking at the Salesforce Administrator role specifically, professionals are pioneering successful careers as Trailblazers, redefining what it means to be an Admin.

So, what is a Salesforce Admin? A Salesforce Admin is a business leader, deeply knowledgeable about how their company operates, intertwined in making all departments successful through process automations, and thus, integral to running a smooth and lean business.


So what do Salesforce Administrators do?

Salesforce Admins work hard to fight inefficiency and champion productivity. They create awesome tools on any device – like easy­ to ­use dashboards, intelligent workflows and apps for any project.

Admins keep Salesforce users trained and educated, solve complicated business problems and keep projects moving forward. An Admin delivers creative solutions – making Salesforce users happier and the business smarter!

They love to help their team be efficient and on top of things.


What is the job market for Salesforce Administrators?

Salesforce Administrators are in high demand. Companies with high growth, especially in the U.S., realize the potential and value our Admins bring. These high-growth companies now make serious human capital investments such as reskilling workers and hiring certified Admins. Over the last 12 months, there were over 3240 job openings for Salesforce Admins in the U.S. at a growth rate of 34%.

The average salary of an Admin (in 2014) was $88,230 and the average required number of years of experience is two to five.

Salesforce Admins come in many different shapes and sizes, often with unique career stories. Check out our Salesforce Admins Podcast to listen to a breadth of these experiences.


How do you develop a Salesforce Administrator career?

While many Salesforce Admins started out by ‘falling into it,’ the role often becomes career defining. And, it’s now easier than ever to get Salesforce administrator training with tools like Trailhead, the Admin webinar program, and the amazing people in the success community.

For prospective Admins, the salesforce administrator training and certification is often the first step. As a widely recognized and accepted representation of an Admin’s skills it has become a standard requirement when hiring an Admin.

With this growing demand for Admins, it’s clear just how important they have become. As one successful Admin has put it: “Salesforce administration is no longer an "accidental" career — it is a desired profession.” — Tal Frankfurt, Computerworld