We have all been there as online shoppers: you hit the final “Place Order” button and suddenly think, “Did I order the blue or the green?”, “I should have gotten the small,” or worse yet, “That really wasn’t in my budget this month.” When shoppers have these thoughts and dial your call center in a panic to confirm or cancel an order, your customer service reps (CSRs) need to have the right information at their fingertips to help provide support.

Building trust with your customers is key to having your shoppers return again and again. Part of that trust is contingent on receiving accurate order information and timely customer service when shoppers cancel or change an order.

In fact, according to the “State of the Connected Consumer report,” 95% of consumers say that they are more likely to be loyal to a company they trust. The best way to provide accurate information to your customer service representatives is the implementation of the B2C Commerce to Service Cloud Connector.

The Salesforce B2C Commerce to Service Cloud Connector is a Salesforce Labs project that facilitates the integration between B2C Commerce and Service clouds. The connector provides a framework and enables you to provide a shared view of the customer between the clouds. Our solution kit focused on Order History and Order Cancel will help you provide a higher level of service excellence by giving agents order cancel permissions. When shoppers call to cancel an order placed on the storefront, agents can now resolve the issue independently. The View Order History and Order Cancel Solution Kit helps you:

  • Provide exceptional customer service experiences

  • Meet your shoppers’ needs

  • Increase engagement

  • Connect Commerce and Service clouds so that they can share valuable data

WIth the shared customer, order, and case details from B2C Commerce, your agents will be able to efficiently view their customers’ shopper order history, and cancel orders at the shopper’s request within the service console. 



Whether your shopper is having buyer’s remorse or just made a mistake on a product size or color, the ability for your call center staff to cancel an order for them is vital. By connecting B2C Commerce Cloud Storefront to your Service Cloud instance, you empower those representatives with the information and functionality they need to service this simple, yet important request.

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