This article is part of our latest AppExchange expansion across commerce, salesservice, and marketing. To learn more about the expansion, read the Newsroom announcement.

The true measure of success in commerce is growth — and the building blocks to achieve a solid foundation are critical. Speed, flexibility, intelligence, global scale, and comprehensive commerce experience are necessary for business success. As customer expectations change, companies are challenged with adapting to remain competitive.

That’s why we’re so excited that 17 commerce solutions are now live in the Commerce Collection on AppExchange, with many more coming soon. Now, it’s even easier to get to market faster, meet sky-high customer expectations, and provide complete end-to-end commerce solutions. Here’s what the AppExchange announcement means for those in commerce:

  • If you’re a Commerce Cloud customer, you can now easily find, try, and buy apps to create a complete commerce solution with apps for payments, search, merchandising, tax, and much more.

  • With this ecosystem, you can provide a better experience to win and keep business. You’ll be able to better design customer experiences that resonate, scale globally, speed the path to purchase, and build loyal customers.

  • With the AppExchange marketplace, commerce professionals have a one-stop-shop to find new apps that help drive innovation.

  • You’ll find pre-built solutions and integrations for your particular use case, industry, and business.

With all these benefits, take a look at our partners who have apps for B2B and B2C Commerce available on the AppExchange already (with more being announced soon!).


B2C Solutions

Content and Customer Experience

  • Amplience: Simplify how to plan, create, manage, and deliver content. With an API-first approach, Amplience Dynamic Content drives engagement and conversion through powerful, visual storytelling at brand, category and product levels.

  • CloudSense: Drive success through a unified solution built for the convenience revolution. A fast low click experience increases conversion, frictionless subscriptions maximize customer lifetime value and trust and scale reduces TCO.

  • Mobify: Introduce a headless commerce approach with Mobify's front-end Platform. Mobify's API-driven front-end layers on top Salesforce Commerce Cloud, introducing a headless commerce approach that unlocks agility and the ability to make front-end and backend changes independent of one another.

  • PredictSpring: Connect your consumer and store associate app experiences. PredictSpring's Modern POS provides a seamless checkout experience and enables a 1:1 personalized experience between the store associate and consumer.


Payment and Tax

  • Adyen: Make it easy to move seamlessly from online to mobile to a physical store. Adyen provides an end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard, and other globally preferred alternative payment methods.

  • Avalara: Get an end-to-end compliance solution to address statutory tax requirements.

  • PayPal: Enable customers to connect and transact in new and powerful ways, whether online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in person.


Data Verification and Reviews

  • Experian: Get real-time contact data verification solutions, to ensure address, email, and phone number verification integrations run smoothly and successfully.

  • PowerReviews: Collect, display, and syndicate user-generated content which drives traffic, increase sales, and create actionable insights to improve products and services.


B2B Solutions


  • Digital River: Process payments, fight fraud, fulfill orders, optimize conversions and renewals, and shield your business from global tax and regulatory risk.



  • inRiver: Turn product data chaos into accurate, managed, fast-moving product information. Automate the syndication to all endpoints such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, retailers, and marketplaces.


Distributed Commerce

  • PunchOut2Go: Enable B2B PunchOut Catalog and order automation capabilities with any eProcurement system. PunchOut2Go integrates the Salesforce B2B Commerce storefront with the PunchOut2Go Gateway, to mediate communication between Salesforce B2B Commerce and their B2B Buyers’ purchasing Procurement systems.


Content Management and Search

  • BloomReach: Increase conversions and drive revenue for B2B manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors with enhanced search and merchandising technology.

  • Coveo: Leverage a consumer-grade search UI that offers advanced facetting, query suggestions and auto self-learning with each customer interaction, while respecting all of your B2B catalog entitlements.



  • Zenkraft: Add real-time rates directly from your carrier account during the checkout process. Once the order is placed, Zenkraft integrates with 50+ shipping carriers for label generation and printing. Once in transit, the shipment status automatically updates every hour within the “My Order” section of B2B Commerce.



  • Vertex: Integrate the leading provider of corporate tax software and services for companies of all sizes.



  • Fielo: Allow organizations to easily design, manage and scale incentive and loyalty programs with an incentive automation software platform.


Additional partners including KBMax, Conexiom, PayPal, WorldPay, Hawksearch, ShipStation, Avalara, and Adyen are working on future Commerce Cloud innovations for the AppExchange.

Today, AppExchange is home to more than 5,000 technology solutions ranging from apps, components, pre-built flows, and more. Commerce Cloud partners are a huge part of our customers’ success, which is why we’ll continue investing in building out partner offerings on the AppExchange. On the horizon are new partners that will complement Lightning Order Management — look for that in Feb 2020.

Make sure to visit AppExchange to see the full scope of commerce solutions that our partners provide.