What do small businesses using Salesforce Essentials and new Salesforce Admins have in common?

Small businesses need CRM help and new Admins need experience helping businesses with CRM. Salesforce Essentials was built to help small businesses get started quickly on the Salesforce platform. But because small business owners wear many hats and have limited time, they sometimes need a little extra help personalizing Essentials for their unique business needs.

That makes small businesses and new Salesforce Admins the perfect combination — kind of like peanut butter and jelly, CRM and the Cloud, and Astro and Codey. I could go on all day.


Meet the Salesforce Essentials Advisor Program

That’s why we’re proud to announce the Salesforce Essentials Advisor Program. This program helps new and aspiring Admins connect with Salesforce Essentials customers to provide the additional assistance customers need to set up Essentials for their businesses. Small business owners and leaders get the personalized help they need, while the new Admins gain real-world project experience and help to elevate their Salesforce careers. New Admins in this program will complete a series of Trailhead trainings, tutorials, hands-on demos, and mock consultations to become a certified Essentials Advisor. Once certified, Essentials Advisors will join a marketplace; this allows Essentials customers to connect and find immediate help with their Salesforce projects, and certified Advisors have the opportunity to get paid by customers for providing their expertise.


Who should apply?

This program is for anyone looking to grow their career in the Salesforce ecosystem — those on their way to being certified, or newly minted and looking to get more Salesforce experience with customers under their belt — we’ll provide the training. Passion for helping small businesses is a major plus!


How can you apply to the program?

Applications are now closed for the Essentials Advisor Program. Thank you for supporting small business success.


Why you should apply to the program

We’ve seen successes from both the customers and advisors who participated in an Essentials Advisors Pilot program this past summer. One of our Essentials customer Trailblazers, JT Haskins, found the program extremely valuable: “As a Corporate and Partnership Strategist, I never had the need to utilize Salesforce prior to commencing my entrepreneurial journey. Not only did the Essentials Advisors Pilot Program afford me the opportunity to build my knowledge from the ground floor, it also provided me with an expert whose sole purpose was to make me feel comfortable in a relaxed environment." 

One of our Essentials Advisors, Devohne Moore, turned the program into a conversation starter: “Participating in the Essentials Advisors Program gave me such a leg up during my job search. Skills and tools learned from this program really helped me bring my Salesforce career to the next level!”

Salesforce can help you find customers, win their business, and keep them happy so you can grow faster than ever. Learn more about our small business CRM solutions, follow us on Twitter at @Essentials, or keep up with us on LinkedIn at Salesforce for Small Business. Join the conversation with #SMBTrailblazer.