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Ari Bendersky

author title Contributing Editor
My Background

Ari Bendersky is a Chicago-based lifestyle journalist who has contributed to a number of leading publications including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal magazine, Men's Journal, and many more. He has written for brands as wide-ranging as Ace Hardware to Grassroots Cannabis and is a lead contributor to the Salesforce 360 Blog. He was also the co-host of the Overserved podcast, featuring long-form conversations with food and beverage personalities. That lives on wherever you stream your favorite podcasts.

My Expertise

I am a seasoned writer, editor, and storyteller. I love finding the stories people do not know they want to read yet and get excited when they have an impact on them. Above all, I relish connecting and partnering with people, in work and in life. I truly enjoy engaging with smart, motivated, clever, and creative people who are passionate about what they do. Getting to know people on a deeper level revs my engine — especially when I get to tell their story, even if that is simply through a quote to highlight a topic I am writing about.

When I'm Not Writing ...

When I am not working I love being outside -- walking, biking, doing yoga, being on a hike, or by the water. I am passionate about food, wine, and travel and write about all of that in my Substack called Something Glorious ( and in other national publications. I love exploring my hometown of Chicago and cities around the world. Nothing gets me more excited than finding wonderful restaurants, bars, shops, hidden gems, park, and more and then sharing that with friends and readers.

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