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Salesforce Named a Leader in the The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2019

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Salesforce has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave for Digital Experience Platforms 2019

I am thrilled to announce Salesforce has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave for Digital Experience Platforms 2019. Forrester Wave evaluates DXP providers’ current offerings, strategy, and market presence. We are honored that we received the highest scores in product strategy.

We owe our success to the tens of thousands of companies who have selected Salesforce as their digital experience platform (DXP). These leading brands build engaging digital experiences to build deeper relationships with customers, drive loyalty, and make every one of their customers more successful. They also know that in order for digital experiences to be “engaging,” they need to be connected to data, consistent across channels, and easy to navigate. This new level of customer expectation has led an evolution in how companies – from small businesses to enterprise organizations – evaluate digital experience technology. 

Learn more in the full report.

Comprehensive DXPs are the future of digital engagement

Before you even think about building out a digital channel, it’s important to understand that your customers expect personalized and connected experiences, with consistent data and branding. This is an expectation across any touchpoint, including emails, mobile apps, commerce and web sites. And, building connected experiences is no longer optional. 63% of customers tell us they will leave a company if they have inconsistent experiences (Source: “State of the Connected Customer,” Salesforce Research, October 2016). As someone who speaks with IT and digital leaders frequently, I hear time and time again how businesses working with multiple, siloed systems struggle to deliver seamless experiences for their end customers. 

So, how does a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solve this? A DXP is a comprehensive platform used to create integrated, cohesive experiences like websites, portals, and mobile apps across IT, Marketing, Commerce, and Service.

The most successful business leaders I speak to are choosing to put an open, flexible digital experience platform (DXP) at the heart of their digital strategy. One VP of Digital told me her DXP serves as the "connective tissue" for all of her digital touch points. It makes it possible to ensure consistency across marketing, commerce and service, capture copious amounts of data, and then use that data to ensure personalization across every website, portal, and mobile app. Her teams are better able to understand, innovate for, and serve her customers. 

Community Cloud is the core of Salesforce’s DXP

Community Cloud is the heart of Salesforce’s DXP, enabling companies of all sizes to build beautiful, CRM-powered digital experiences — fast. It’s important to note that these experiences are both engaging and powerful because of their connection to customer data and business processes. Companies, like Robert Half, understand how to meet customer expectations, explaining that “A sleek, branded experience was critical for us. With Community Cloud, we were able to build an award-winning UI with Lightning Components surfaced in a Lightning Community.“

Community Cloud’s native integration with Salesforce CRM is part of what makes it a leader. CRM is a vital aspect of delivering seamless experiences that are connected to the same data across every single touchpoint. With Community Cloud, companies can take customer insights from CRM to power every customer interaction, purchase, and engagement across websites, commerce, marketing, mobile apps, and more. The ability to leverage CRM data and process is critical for customers like Gigamon, who says "Customers, partners, and prospects benefit from an amazing digital experience, and Gigamon benefits from a gold mine of information it can capture, analyze, and use to gather feedback, understand product usage patterns, and target marketing communications.“

Our newest capability, Salesforce CMS (GA Winter ‘19) not only makes it easy to create and manage traditional content types natively in Salesforce, but also puts CRM data to work. Instead of serving up rows and columns, you can now turn your CRM data into beautiful, visual content that customers expect.


Screen capture of the DXP before


Screen capture of the after example of the Salesforce DXP

In today’s digital-first world, our mission to help every company, no matter the industry, become an “experience” company. We believe our position in the Forrester Wave highlights Salesforce’s capability to provide our customers with an end-to-end DXP that enables them to build best-in-class digital experiences that are exciting and engaging to customers, partners, and employees.

Learn more about how Community Cloud can guide your digital experience strategy.

Adi Kuruganti Former GM & SVP, Experience Cloud and B2B Commerce

Adi Kuruganti was the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Community Cloud and B2B Commerce.

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