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Improve Collaboration Across Teams With the New Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dropbox Integration

Improve Collaboration Across Teams With the New Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dropbox Integration

We're bringing together Marketing Cloud and Dropbox to streamline your marketing content processes.

Content creation and management are foundational to the success of digital marketing. Yet, as digital marketers, we’ve all had moments where we wish collaboration on content came easier. Moments where we download content only to re-upload it to a different platform. Times when we’re waiting for assets from other teams and accidentally upload an older version. 

Changing up workflows, adding in new processes, and taking advantage of new technology are all ways to create content and campaigns more efficiently. By bringing together Marketing Cloud and Dropbox, the life of a digital marketer just got easier. In this article, we explain how to use this app to streamline your marketing content processes.

Instantly get the content you need across the business

With the Dropbox for Salesforce Marketing Cloud app, you can seamlessly bring Dropbox content into your Content Builder in Marketing Cloud, removing the need to go back and forth between the two systems. What you have in your Dropbox account — your folders, images, PDFs, you name it — will all appear natively in your Marketing Cloud instance, so you always have the right content to build your campaign.

Even better, the content that external partners like agencies and designers (or even internal creative teams) create for you and share to Dropbox will also appear in Content Builder. Gone are the days of checking your email inbox, downloading an asset, and then uploading it to one or two different places. Instead, your agency can share assets straight to your Dropbox folder, and you’re ready to leverage those elements in your campaigns.

Collaborate on marketing content to build better campaigns

Instead of multi-step campaign workflows, how does a one-step workflow sound? With your Dropbox content hosted right within Content Builder, you’ll spend less time tracking down or recreating assets, leaving you more time for adding in personalization and perfecting your strategy.

This not only leads to spending less time per campaign, but it also ensures you have the most up-to-date assets at your fingertips. Your team can collaborate and all changes are instantly synced to Dropbox to avoid version control issues. With everything in one place, you’ll be able to find the right asset, for the right campaign, for the right customer, every time.

"The Dropbox and Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration gives marketers and their teams the tools they need for seamless workflows and collaboration,” said Billy Blau, Vice President of Global Business Development at Dropbox. “We’re thrilled for marketers, creators, designers, and beyond to start creating more efficiently with their content.”

Looking for a quick win for better collaboration? Connect your Dropbox account to your Marketing Cloud environment. Simply install it from AppExchange and start adding team folders. Not using Dropbox today? Try out Dropbox Business and connecting with the Marketing Cloud is an added benefit.

Check out the Dropbox for Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector on SalesforceAppExchange to get collaborating today.

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