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8 Tools To Help Businesses on Their Road To Digital Transformation

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The Salesforce partner ecosystem is ready to help.

Our current environment has made digital transformation an imperative for companies to rethink the way they operate and consider all the opportunities to digitize their business for an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. For many, this is the time to modernize technology stacks and invest in major systems like CRM. For those who have already laid a solid CRM foundation, the next steps are often about adding complementary tools that simplify user experience, address specific business needs, or simply eradicate paper and manual processes. 

That’s why Salesforce champions its partner ecosystem. In addition to traditional consulting and agency partners, independent software vendors (ISVs) are a critical component of the ecosystem, composed of a community of innovators building solutions atop the Salesforce Platform. Their work powers much of Salesforce’s problem-solving success and propels business growth for Salesforce customers with AppExchange

Here are six ways businesses can leverage the capabilities of the Salesforce partner ecosystem to help speed along their digital transformation journey:

1. Digitize your document flow 

Paper-based processes are slow, allow more room for errors, and may involve more steps than necessary. Migrating document signing and storage to a digital platform reduces legal risk and simplifies the contract process. Companies like Groupon — a service that connects shoppers with goods and services at a discount — issue thousands of contracts every month. By using  Adobe Sign, they were able to streamline their contract management process and increased by tens of thousands the number of contracts signed while optimizing productivity and boosting ROI. 

Once you’ve completed the migration to a digital platform, go a step further like FineMark National Bank & Trust did by using DocuSign Agreement Cloud, including DocuSign CLM to automate the entire agreement and contract life cycle by generating contracts, tracking changes through the negotiation process, and bringing visibility to the review and approval process. 

2. Improve your teams’ ability to work from anywhere  

Now more than ever, it’s essential to build systems that unify distributed workforces and allow them to easily work remotely. Discover how RAM Tracking overcame operational challenges and ensured their remote employees were able to provide uninterrupted customer service by using Vonage Contact Center

3. Streamline your clinical workflows 

For healthcare payors and providers, implementing evidence-based care strategies often requires toggling between multiple software applications — a process that takes time and money away from providing care. Unifying the information from different systems onto a central platform like CareIQ can reduce costs, enable speedy access to evidence-based decision support, and utilize medical professionals more efficiently. 

4. Lean on a single platform for business insights 

Many organizations rely on ad hoc enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that do not provide a centralized view into their business. A single platform can provide insights and help organizations grow and manage their businesses, whether it be a video platform like Vidyard, which helped FinancialForce get a 360-degree view of their customer to measure the impact of their video content, or a cloud ERP from Rootstock Software, which helped SRP Therapeutics streamline their processes, spur increased revenue, and facilitate key business decisions based on insights from comprehensive dashboards. 

5. Boost your sales team’s effectiveness 

Setting sales teams up to succeed requires giving them the tools to plan effectively. Organizations need a single source of truth in order to access accurate data to drive performance, one that encompasses capacity and quota planning, territory mapping, incentive design, and continuous analysis. Global manufacturer Flowserve used Xactly’s performance dashboards to empower its sales teams and enhance its global sales performance management strategy.

6. Accelerate faster, error-free Salesforce deployments 

DevOps is a team sport, so to fully draw on your team’s talents it’s important to bring everyone involved onto a single collaboration platform. Bringing team members together can boost efficiency by letting you manage more projects at the same time and respond much faster to any problems that come up. Copado provides the tools and processes that enable a collaborative, efficient workflow that minimizes errors and results in happier teams and faster deployments. 

ISVs make customizing the Salesforce Platform easier than ever. These and thousands of other solutions address nearly every business challenge you may have and are available on AppExchange.  

Check out the Salesforce Industries Summit and visit AppExchange to get these apps for your industry.

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