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What to Expect at World Tour New York City 2023: Integration and Automation

The Statue of Liberty in New York City
The Statue of Liberty in New York City. [Busakorn Pongparnit/Getty]

Salesforce's World Tour New York City 2023 is almost here! Learn about can't-miss MuleSoft-led sessions covering integration and automation.

This year, we’re bringing the power of integration and automation to IT leaders at World Tour New York on May 4, 2023. Here’s a guide for what to expect in-person and on Salesforce+.

Integration and automation are increasingly more important, and MuleSoft is ready to bring you everything you need to know to maximize your organization’s efficiency during World Tour New York.

Join product experts across Platform and MuleSoft as they deep dive into data integration, automation, and security. There will be more than 30 sessions specific to or featuring MuleSoft experts and product offerings with great how-tos and information you simply don’t want to miss.

Join us in-person or on Salesforce+ to hear from IT leaders, MuleSoft Community experts, and automation industry experts as they explore the next generation of IT.

You’ve never attended an event like this.

4 themes IT leads can expect from World Tour New York

MuleSoft session content will cover these four themes:

  • Connecting all of your data
  • Boosting efficiency for AI
  • Automating across systems
  • Building trust with security

Here are a few must-see sessions we recommend, and if you’re looking for even more options, explore the full programming and register here. These sessions will be great for developers, IT decision-makers, CIOs, architects, product managers, and more – but all are welcome and encouraged to join!

IT Keynote: Build Your Customer Company

See how you can use Platform and MuleSoft to deploy faster, increase developer efficiency, and save on IT costs by connecting your data, automating intelligent processes, and deploying securely.

Join Marla Hay, VP of Product Management at Salesforce; Sarah Aerni, VP of Data Science and Engineering at Salesforce; and Tanmay Manohar, VP of People Analytics + Workforce Planning at Paramount for this can’t-miss session.

Product Roadmap: Discover the Future of IT With MuleSoft

Explore the latest product innovations at MuleSoft! Hear from product experts and current customers for an in-depth review of MuleSoft’s product roadmap, and discover how we are transforming IT.

Join the following experts on your learning journey:

  • Edgar Moran, Software Engineer at Cisco Meraki
  • Alex Waddell, CIO at Adobe Care and Wellness
  • Jeremiah Dillon, SVP Marketing of MuleSoft at Salesforce
  • Matt Elstad, VP of Application Development at Wealth Enhancement Group
  • Pooja Tejwani, VP of Engineering at BECU

Connect and Automate Your Customer Company With MuleSoft

New to MuleSoft? Explore why MuleSoft is the go-to solution for Customer 360 and task automation. Learn about common business challenges and MuleSoft’s API-led approach to tackling them.

Join Aridam Kumar, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce for all of the core information you need.

Automation: Where to Start and How to Unlock Value Today

Deciding what to automate can be a daunting task. Learn how Salesforce is empowering businesses to unlock productivity, realize ROI quickly, and deliver better experiences faster with automation.

Join Desmond Wong, Sr. PMM at Salesforce; Marcus Harris, PMM at Salesforce; and Kamil Brozek, Director of Business Value Services at Salesforce to start unlocking business value through automation.

Build API Ecosystems Faster on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform

New product alert! Learn how the new Anypoint API Experience Hub, built on Salesforce Experience Cloud, allows you to quickly build engaging API experiences using APIs cataloged in Anypoint Exchange.

Join Jing Li, Director of Product Management at Salesforce to hear all about it!

Additional content at World Tour NYC 2023

Looking to go even deeper? Don’t miss these extra-special talks, insights, and presentations beyond the sessions above!

  • IT Exploratorium: Head to the IT Exploratorium to discover the next generation of IT. Connect with experts, join IT Talks, and dive into the intersection of integration and automation.
  • Ask a Community Expert: Curious to learn how Platform and MuleSoft product experts from customers and partners implement integration and automation tactics in their organizations? Head to the Deep Insights area and stop by the Ask a Community Expert booth.
  • Trailblazer Theaters and Community Campfires: Real users, real use cases. Learn the ins and outs of integration and automation through presentations by the MuleSoft Community. See the Customer 360 in action!

We can’t wait to see you all onsite or via Salesforce+! Don’t miss out – claim your seat today!

Sabrina Hockett

Sabrina Hockett is the Manager, Community Advocacy and Marketing, MuleSoft at Salesforce.

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