Any customer service team will struggle without powerful technology to keep them organized, in the know, and proactive. However, even the best-equipped departments will sometimes feel stressed; this is where proper training and effective management will supplement the software and keep things running smoothly.

When 80 per cent of customer service problems are repeated issues, your team must be empowered to use their judgment to find the right solution. By identifying a common interest, actively listening, admitting mistakes, and following up, agents can build a relationship with each customer who reaches out.

These relationships will only be healthier when your employees are happy and engaged. Find out (anonymously, if necessary) how each member of your customer service team feels about their job, and inspire team spirit and unity. Using collaboration technologies, keep employees connected and involved, and make sure they know how their contributions impact the company as a whole.

Your customer service team is on the front lines with customers and builds a large part of your customer experience. Empower them with the right technology and actively work to reduce their stress using the tips in the infographic below. Your employees—and your customers—will thank you.

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