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Make Sure Your Business Benefits from the Cloud

How to Make Sure Your Business Benefits from the Cloud

Cloud computing can benefit every company of any size. Learn more about its benefits in this article.

Even if you aren’t 100 per cent sure what cloud computing is, you likely use it already. Any apps that have access to your email, calendar data, photos, or files are storing your data in the cloud. The same goes for backup services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Because cloud computing has such a growing impact on how we utilize our devices, there are tons of opportunities for businesses to cash in and get involved as well.

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Constant Access

One key benefit of utilizing cloud services for your business is constant access to files, emails, and other data. Trackvia found that companies looking to implement cloud computing for employees will likely see an almost 60 per cent increase in productivity, as well as a 82 per cent improvement in the execution of tasks.

If you are on a train or riding in a car and need to review a file, you could simply pull up the company cloud file backup or email and access it on your phone for instant reference.

Multiple Benefits For Customers

Just as cloud access to data makes employees’ jobs easier, it makes your customers’ lives easier, too. In addition to access of reports, contracts, and other information from your company, cloud computing can also increase real-time collaboration, which, according to Cloudwards, can lead to faster project completion rates.

Cloud computing also offers great security, better document control, and backup measures should something go awry at the local level. A layer of protection and an automatic backup of data will allow customers and employees alike greater peace of mind when it comes to project reports, data, and documents.

SaaS or Cloud-Based Offerings

If you are a service-focused business, consider moving your services to a cloud-based platform. SaaS, short for software as a service, offers companies the ability to build robust platforms for their customers that can be accessed from anywhere.

If you previously offered downloadable software, content, or other products, consider loading it onto the cloud instead for a monthly or one-time access fee. Customers will appreciate being able to access and use the product on multiple devices, and a SaaS offering allows for faster updates in real time.

Online Support

Customer service was traditionally done over the telephone—and even through the mail. While this is still an option today, you can improve your customer service satisfaction by utilizing the cloud to keep track of customer problems and inquiries.

There are cloud-based customer service and help desk suites, like those from Salesforce, that allow you to assign tickets to different employees, keep up with the progress of a request in real-time, and make decisions faster than ever before.

For instance, if a customer changes his mind about a product and requests a refund, a customer support agent could instantly send a return label to the customer action that would automatically be saved and logged in the ticket and the customer’s file. This would solve the problem much more quickly than tracking the process on paper or through email, manually creating a return label, and would make sure the customer didn’t have to wait for approval to go through.

Online support quickly and efficiently leverages your existing support team to keep customers happy.

While your company may not be looking to develop initiatives for every area of cloud computing, just implementing one or two solutions can make a big difference in employee workflow, customer retention, and overall ease-of-use for your products or services. Consider which of your workflows or regular tasks could benefit from cloud-based services and decide on options that are best for your company.

The future is now. How to jumpstart your journery to the cloud. Get the ebook.

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