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Video: An Overview of the New Programs We’ve Rolled Out, Responding to the Pandemic

How to Maintain Customer Relationships While Working Remotely

In this video, learn how we're ramping up communication and providing radical transparency for our 50,000 employees working from home.

Today, Salesforce Senior Vice President of Employee Marketing and Engagement Jody Kohner provides a lens into the rapid changes taking place at our company as Salesforce adapts to life and work during a pandemic. Guided by the desire to ramp up communication and to provide radical transparency for our 50,000 employees working from home, Kohner has already overseen the creation of a new internal daily email newsletter, surveys to make sure we are meeting employee needs, revised benefits, and much more. Watch the video in full to learn more.

As Jody illustrates, it’s important to keep your organization up-to-date on your response to COVID-19. To help you in that effort, here are a few free Quip templates that we can vouch for:

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