Nothing is more important than the security and success of our Ohana. We are trusted advisors to our customers, delivering exceptional service and engaging intelligently with technology in order to keep their data secure. We establish trust with our employees by communicating honestly and transparently, and empower our people to voice ideas, opinions, and feedback.

Salesforce embodies trust on many different levels. Not only is trust displayed on a product and customer level, but I also experience trust as en employee. Our transparent nature is the key to customer success, and I feel that this is something we do well.”


As an account executive, I have the pleasure of working directly with many of our prospects and clients. There is nothing better than helping an organization redefine how it works with its customers and empowers its employees. I love walking into a customer’s office and being treated like family. They trust that I am always looking out for their best interests (even when the answer isn’t Salesforce).”


We see many examples of trust on a daily basis — starting with onboarding new hires to ensuring transparency through the Feedback App. Keeping the conversations focused on developing people and using two-way feedback effectively are great ways we live trust as a value.”


I am blessed to work with an amazing team comprised of contributors and leaders who share a solid and deep trust in one another and in the organization’s purpose.”


We are always an advocate for our customers. We won’t give up until we’ve tried absolutely everything we can.”


Salesforce makes trust a top priority not only for our customers but also for our employees. I know that Salesforce leaders trust me to do my very best job, and I trust salesforce to be there for me, back me up, and support me.”


The transparency and openness at Salesforce has propelled my career quickly — everyone takes time to support one anotherand to share their knowledge and experience with passion.”


For me, trust is the main value that sets Salesforce apart from the competition. Not only in terms of our trusted products, platforms, technology, and data, but with our people. If my managers didn't trust me, I wouldn't be able to work flexibly, which positively impacts my personal life. Having that trust has allowed me to be a happier person, and it has also allowed me enough time to pursue charitable interests I never felt empowered or encouraged to explore previously.”


I was more concerned with progress and performance. But as I’ve grown as a leader, I’ve come to realize that progress and performance are dependent on trust. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship — whether it’s personal or professional.”