Welcome to the world of customer relationship management, or CRM. When a company puts its relationships with customers at the forefront of its business model, it sees higher profits, better customer retention, and increased customer satisfaction.

Today, CRM is largely managed by software. A CRM platform assists customer service agents, helps marketers predict trends, and guides sales teams to successfully close deals. It acts as the singular source for your company’s customer data and information, and lets anyone quickly research whatever information they need, from the overall big picture to a single customer’s unique quirks and history with your company.

A CRM solution helps companies treat each customer with personalized, timely care — a tenet of a successful relationship.

Salesforce’s Intelligent Customer Success Platform, for example, is the World’s Smartest CRM. Powered by Einstein, artificial intelligence is baked right into Salesforce, so companies don’t have to think about it and they can discover insights to make smarter decisions, predict outcomes to focus where it matters, recommend next actions to increase efficiency and automate tasks to do more with less.

This is how a CRM system can help an organization grow: It saves your company time so each employee, from the front desk manager to the CEO, can spend more time with customers, clients, and contacts.

We’ve assembled a library of resources to help improve your CRM knowledge. These resources explain the benefits of a CRM, how cloud computing works, and why companies of all sizes — and in all industries — use CRM platforms to succeed.

This is how CRM is helpful for management: A CRM platform helps integrate all your departments, gives you a unified view of your customers, and helps you engage deeply with them and prospects to achieve your business goals faster.
Help your sales team accelerate productivity.
Enable customer service representatives to provide an omni-channel customer experience.
Create personalized marketing campaigns at scale that easily tie into sales goals.
Build apps and processes that enhance your customers’ experience and enable your teams to do more.
Provide one resource for all your business needs that allows for unified messaging on all channels and from all representatives
The best CRM platform unites all departments in order to provide a seamless customer experience.

A CRM platform helps sales teams manage:

  • Contacts and their preferences

  • Their sales funnel and customer journey

  • Mobile work

A CRM platform helps marketers manage:

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing automation

  • Social media

A CRM platform helps customer service departments manage:

  • Inquiries, needs, and ongoing cases

  • General customer service care assisted by artificial intelligence

  • Internal help desks

  • Instant communication with customers via live chat

CRM platforms are well known among enterprises, but many SMBs are new to this technology. One fact that unites all CRM platform users is the desire to provide a remarkable customer experience: That means all businesses of all sizes can rely on a CRM solution. These articles explain how SMBs can reap the benefits of a CRM platform just as much as large enterprises.
At its most basic, cloud computing is using the internet to access software, servers, and infrastructure provided by cloud computing providers. When you use a CRM platform that exists in the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere, no matter if you on your computer at your desk, on your tablet while on the road, or on your smartphone in the field. A cloud-based CRM solution instantly updates data and is available wherever and whenever you need it.
Give your developers the tools they need to create an app for customers, employees, and business partners. Platform as a Service (PaaS), such as the Salesforce Platform, gives users the tools they need to build an app that enhances your customers’ experience with your business. Making an app has never been easier.

While some companies can rely on spreadsheets and filing cabinets, the overwhelming majority of businesses must take advantage of the power of a platform created specifically for managing customer relationships. Without it, you’ll fall behind.

Your company must invest in a CRM that’s cloud-based, scalable, and mobile. Learn more in these articles.

Once your company has partnered with a solution like Salesforce, it’s time to become a CRM expert. With guided training through Trailhead, your company will be able to use your CRM system effectively. This self-paced, interactive set of challenges helps professionals learn how to use the world’s most powerful CRM platform.

Whether you’re ready to invest in a CRM platform or want to learn more about the technology behind a cloud-based CRM system, we would love to help get you started on your journey.

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