Salesforce has transformed our territory management — what once took weeks can now be done in a day.”


Box streamlines territory management and keeps sales moving with

When a business evolves and grows as quickly as Box – which has gone from selling to consumers, to small businesses, and on to large enterprises in under a decade – staying on top of accounts and mapping them into executable sales territories is a big challenge. In fact, the whole process used to take the Sales Operations team at Box almost 4 weeks before they were ready to meet with Sales leadership at annual kick-off and review patches. So when Box decided to automate their territory management practices, they knew that tacking their customer data within Salesforce was the place to start. Using, Box has transformed the way they do territory management. Sales Operations can go from defining accounts, designing territories and on to review with the Sales management organization – all within one day. With 80-90% of their accounts matched against Dun & Bradstreet records, and automated data cleansing, enrichment and lead routing to Sales reps, Sales Operations has decreased manual touch by 80%. As for Box's sales team, they now have the confidence in their patches that will help to close business and keep Box growing.


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