Salesforce helps us have more successful communication with our clients because it’s a really informed conversation rather than one-size-fits-all communication.”

ALICE CORNELL, DIRECTOR OF EMAIL DELIVERABILITY AT CHANGE.ORG empowers users to make a difference with the help of Marketing Cloud.

In April 2016, a mother, Jasmine Coverson, wrote on, petitioning President Obama and Kuwait Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman for assistance in the swift release of her daughter, Monique, and her daughter’s partner, Larissa, from a Kuwait jail where they faced 25 years in prison. The charges were based on specious evidence, which the mother attributed to a callous disdain for her daughter’s “lifestyle.” More than 172,000 people across the world signed the petition, which eventually helped lead to the couple’s safe return. In celebration, Coverson thanked the supporters writing, “Words cannot explain what we feel right now, we are so blessed to have them back. We appreciate everything that everyone has done and for playing an intricate part in bringing them both home. It was because of the likes, shares, and promotions by you that the awareness was raised, thank you so much. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and may God continue to bless each of you generously.” is on a mission to empower people, like Monique’s mother, to create the change they want to see. The customer believes the best way to achieve that mission is by combining the vision of a nonprofit with the flexibility and innovation of a tech startup. The company is growing rapidly — with currently 100 million active users and 140 million expected by the end of the year. So, by necessity the company is driven by a desire to engage and attract new users, and Marketing Cloud plays a critical role in that effort. “It’s really important to us to be able to serve each of our customers with relevant content — the content that’s going to be most engaging for them at the time that they’re most engaged with it,” said Director of Email Deliverability Alice Cornell.


Salesforce means that we're able to serve better content to people and be mindful of the amount and the type of mail that we're sending.”


The team wants to have more control over their individual customer journeys to cultivate a true lifecycle messaging campaign across every touchpoint for every user. That’s no small task, especially when you’re talking about a strategy that spans 19 countries and dozens of languages. When the program is fully implemented, they’ll translate emails at the local level, allowing the individual countries to act as an independent business unit under the corporate umbrella. “That was really important to us,” said Cornell. “To be able to have an overall strategy for our lifecycle messaging, [and] to be able to roll that out in every language and ... serve the content easily in different languages while making small tweaks so each series is appropriate in the country that it’s being sent.” When the program is fully implemented they will have several versions of the same email going out simultaneously, adjusted to match in-country preferences. With Marketing Cloud, can evaluate how engaged a user is from the very first welcome series. If, for example, the user is actively engaged, he or she will receive a different cadence of emails than a user that engaged on the site once, but has since not signed any other petitions. Using dynamic content, the team can also personalize emails to appeal the users’ interests and preferences. They can, for example, send other petitions that match the user’s previous history.

A multicould customer, sees exceptional value in understanding the complete view of the customer offered by the Salesforce platform. “It's really important that we take a holistic view of the email that we send to all our users. So, for somebody working on our help desk, they have a 360-degree view of the customer. They can tell what kinds of products they’re using on the site, what kinds of campaigns they’ve been interested in. It can help them to really understand that person’s needs much more immediately and react appropriately,” said Cornell. Service Cloud and Social Studio play a key role in this effort. “We love the engagement function offered in Social Studio,” Cornell said. "It makes it easier for us to talk to users and fans and also people that aren’t necessarily users, but are trying to engage or are talking about on social media.” The ease of the tool also makes the small social team more efficient, she said.

With Marketing Cloud as the centerpiece of its marketing and communication efforts, gains better visibility into what its customers are receiving from the site and how they're interacting. “It means that we're going to be able to serve better content to people and be mindful of the amount and the type of mail that we're sending,” Cornell said. “I think it is really going to help us have more successful communication with our clients because it’s going to be a really informed conversation rather than one-sided one-size-fits-all communication.”


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